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Dec 16, 2019

ICYMI: 5 Highlights from #TravelSkills Twitter Chat

Samantha Shankman

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Over the last decade, technology has fundamentally changed how we travel -- including how we connect with fellow travelers and corporate travel industry leaders, like in the latest #TravelerSkills Twitter Chat. Hosted by Chris McGinnis, travel columnist and TravelSkills founder, and Johnny Jet, one of Forbes‘ top 10 travel influencers, the weekly #TravelSkills chat features tips on the latest tech, travel hacks, best promotions, biggest travel news stories, and more.

TripActions was thrilled to join Chris and Johnny Jet for the second time as co-host and sponsor last week to talk about the tech that makes business travel easier. This was a particularly special #TravelSkills chat as it was the last one in 2019.

Johnny Jet joined the conversation from Los Angeles where he had recently returned after a trip to New York for The Points Guys Awards. Chris McGinnis joined the chat from San Francisco where he had just arrived after a week in Japan. And the TripActions team joined from New York, Palo Alto, Seattle, and San Francisco.

The conversation covered the tech trends that we expect to see in 2020, the most important gadgets and technology that we rely on for business travel, and what we’re hoping to see more of next year. Read on for some of the most fascinating insights from our travel community.

A1: Do you consider yourself a tech-savvy business traveler? Explain!

A3: Besides your smartphone, what’s the most important gadget you travel with?

A4: How does technology simplify your business travels?

A5: How does new technology help you get around while on a business trip?

TripActions completely changes how you travel. Business travelers no longer need to stand in long lines if something goes wrong, such as a flight cancellation, because they can quickly make hotel or flight changes on their mobile phone via chat, email, or phone call to one of the live travel agents. On average, TripActions travel agents answer within 60 seconds or less.

A6: What apps do you use to track, find or remember places to visit?

A7: Do you use any wearable tech devices? How do they improve business travel?

A8: How has technology changed you airport experience? What’s your favorite high-tech airport and why?

Everyone joined the chorus on the life-changing impact of expedited security passes (link) such as Clear, TSA Pre-Check, and Global Entry.

A9: What’s your favorite technology you’ve seen when traveling that you wish they had everywhere?

Johnny Jet remarked how his favorite technology seen while traveling is mobile payments. He recommends that business travelers alert banks that they are traveling before departure, to carry multiple cards, and to pay in local currency for better exchange rates at point of sale.

A10: What gadget or gizmo are you most excited to give or receive this holiday season?

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