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Jun 1, 2020

Inside TripActions Community Chats: June 3

Samantha Shankman

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The TripActions approach to travel and expense management involves looking at business challenges -- and opportunities -- in a different, modern way. As the coronavirus situation unfolded, we’ve worked with our customers closely to understand the new challenges they now face -- which has led to even faster innovation, with a goal of supporting our customers’ unique and fast-changing needs so they can get their organizations back to business travel safely.

TripActions CEO Ariel Cohen recently shared this approach with listeners of The Twenty Minute VC, a podcast hosted by Harry Stebbings in which startup leaders share wisdom, insights and experiences along the road to success.

In addition to our community forums and discussions taking place in Office Hours, Workshops, the TripActions Community, and Open for Business podcast, we’re creating strategies that guide corporate travel managers, finance leaders, HR professionals, and risk executives on the path towards recovery.

Our new guide “Rethinking Travel & Expenses: A Framework for Business Recovery” outlines a post-COVID framework for business recovery. Travel and expense management processes will play an important role in modernizing and streamlining your organization -- and in fact, these will be crucial as corporate travel resumes. TripActions also recently sponsored a webinar to discuss the key steps that finance professionals must take in order to safely send employees on the road again.

We continue to believe in the power of collaboration at this stage more than ever before. Join the conversation as we travel the road to open borders and business lunches again.

Travel Reopening Timeline: U.S. and International Destinations

Although the United States is moving through a seminal moment in its history, the rest of the world is slowly opening its borders again for travel. Each country’s leadership is deciding different timelines with different regulations around quarantines upon arrival. It can be difficult for a business with work to do in several countries to navigate these changes, but Skift has created a single place where corporate travel managers and business travelers can go to understand the reopening of various travel sectors around the world on a timeline.

The New Travel Toolkit

Frequent flyers and road warriors are starting to think about traveling for work again — and thinking through how best to prepare. Some business travelers are preparing themselves by purchasing technology or expedited security programs that make business travel more easeful. Others are thinking through ways to better maintain their health and wellbeing in a sensitive environment. Learn what’s on the top 10 packing list for road warriors this summer.

New TSA Rules for Airport Security

The TSA recently announced new rules and precautions to reduce the spread of coronavirus or any kind of germs amongst travelers and employees. Business travelers will now scan their own boarding passes at security checkpoints and can bring larger containers of hand sanitizers onboard. Our community members talked about how they expected these changes to impact the security experience.

What the Future of Work Means for Business Travel

This is a continually popular topic as leaders across the corporate travel industry look at the evolving role of business travel. It will be more important than ever before as some companies move to a largely remote operation, making business trips the only true face-to-face time for colleagues and customers. The question, therefore, is how to make business travel simple, intuitive, and one of the best parts of the employee experience.

To read more about the thoughts and questions on the top of corporate travel leaders’ minds, join us today on the TripActions Community.

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