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Sep 15, 2020

Inside TripActions Community: September 14

Samantha Shankman

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Business travel is back and enterprises across all industries are investing in the modern travel and expense management solution that will help them keep travelers safe while also controlling costs. Our community has kept in close contact throughout 2020 and what we’ve seen - perhaps more than anything else - is that major corporations are understanding the critical importance of a comprehensive, unified T&E solution that delivers real-time data when it comes to managing their travel and expense programs.

With the invaluable feedback of the community, TripActions released the TripActions Enterprise Edition last week to meet the complex needs of large global organizations and their finance leaders and travel managers. In addition to that news, our community is also preparing for TRAVERSE 20 -- the virtual T&E summit hosted by TripActions -- happening next month on October 6.

In the weeks leading up to TRAVERSE 20, join us in the TripActions Office Hours and Workshops, on the TripActions Community, and with our Open for Business T&E podcast. Together we’ll uncover your needs and identify ways to address them as corporate travel managers, finance leaders, HR professionals, and risk executives chart the path forward.

Here are the top conversations that we’re having as a community this week:

TRAVERSE 20: A Virtual T&E Summit

The virtual travel and expense summit for finance and travel management professions is taking place online on October 6. The Points Guy founder Brian Kelly will kick off the day followed by finance and travel specific breakouts throughout the morning. Although we miss seeing our TripActions Community of customers, colleagues and partners in person, it will be a great opportunity to all get together again (virtually).

United’s Interactive Guide to Travel Restrictions

In an effort to better serve and inform travelers, United released an interactive map that highlights COVID-19 travel restrictions and requirements. Supplier tools are a great complement to be used in conjunction with the TripActions Business Travel Recovery™ Tool.

Boeing Develops UV Disinfectant Tech for Airlines

Boeing is developing a handheld device for airline staff to help rapidly disinfect aircrafts using ultraviolet light. Our community is excited to see this kind of new technology making headway.

The Surprising Reason Why Zoom & Skype Won’t Kill Business Travel

Harvard Kennedy School’s Growth Lab recently found a direct link between a country’s incoming business travel and its economic growth. The study’s authors attribute this link to the movement of “knowhow”—a quantity that exists only in brains and is transferred from brain to brain through lived experiences. It’s the type of knowledge that cannot be written in a book or defined by an algorithm — it’s picked up when working alongside peers. Our community echoed the findings in the report and spoke to the benefits of face-to-face interactions when working on any project.

To read more about the thoughts and questions on the top of corporate travel leaders’ minds, join us today on the TripActions Community.

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