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Sep 1, 2020

Inside TripActions Community: September 2

Samantha Shankman

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September is here and a new approach to business travel is being felt throughout the industry. As children return to school and offices slowly open, companies are also making calculated decisions about sending their road warriors back into the skies to forge relationships, close deals, and ignite growth. The choice to get back to business travel safely is the result of months of hard work from all players, from suppliers to travel managers.

We’ve been exploring just what’s happened to rebuild confidence in business travel. For example, some of our team attended United’s Curb to Cabin Tour to learn about their new sanitation standards. We spoke to the public policy pros to better understand why advocacy as an industry is now more important than ever. We also talked to business travelers on the ground who are reporting a refreshed sense of community in airports and hotels.

These conversations across our community have given us a renewed sense of hope as we head into September. We know the industry will come back stronger than ever before.

Please, join us as we continue the conversation in our TripActions Office Hours and Workshops, on the TripActions Community, and with our Open for Business T&E podcast. Together we’ll uncover your needs and identify ways to address them as corporate travel managers, finance leaders, HR professionals, and risk executives chart the path forward.

Here are the top conversations that we’re having as a community this week:

Alaska, Delta, & American Join United to End Change Fees

Major U.S. airlines announced one of the most significant changes to how business travel is booked and managed this week. The news that these carriers would eliminate change fees as well as establish more flexible policies around standby flights is a bright spot for businesses and travelers in the complicated travel climate.

Boeing Develops UV Disinfectant Tech for Airlines

Boeing is developing a handheld device for airline staff to help rapidly disinfect aircraft using ultraviolet light. Our community is excited to see this kind of new technology making headway.

The Current State of Airport Lounges

Airport lounges play a different role right now, but they remain a quiet peaceful reprieve when they’re open. Our community joins the conversation with their recent experiences in lounges around the world.

The Surprising Reason Why Zoom & Skype Won’t Kill Business Travel

Harvard Kennedy School’s Growth Lab recently found a direct link between a country’s incoming business travel and its economic growth. The study’s authors attribute this link to the movement of “knowhow”—a quantity that exists only in brains and is transferred from brain to brain through lived experiences. It’s the type of knowledge that cannot be written in a book or defined by an algorithm — it’s picked up when working alongside peers.

Our community echoed the findings in the report and spoke to the benefits of face-to-face interactions when working on any project.

To read more about the thoughts and questions on the top of corporate travel leaders’ minds, join us today on the TripActions Community.

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