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November 14, 2018

How to Keep Your Business Travelers From Stressing Out (and Going Rogue) On the Road

If a travel solution is frustrating business travelers so much they’re not using it, is it worth investing in it? Probably not. But the good news is businesses no longer need to rely on out-of-date legacy solutions that aren’t equipped to meet today’s traveler’s expectations and needs.

According to a recent TripActions survey, 90% of business travelers see traveling for work as a perk — it allows them to discover new places, rack up loyalty points, and, most importantly, play a pivotal role in advancing their companies and careers. But while travelers almost unanimously agree that business travel is ultimately a positive experience, the process of getting to their destinations can often be stressful, and legacy solutions aren’t doing much to simplify the process. The inconveniences caused by these solutions — poor inventory selection, no personalization, and a lack of support, to name a few) can negatively impact a business as travel-induced frustration turns into lost productivity, decreased morale, and even employee attrition.


Fortunately, if you can recognize where business trips might go wrong, it’s easier to ensure they turn out right. And with the right guidance, it’s fairly simple to prevent employees from reaching this point of travel-induced exhaustion.

Download our latest ebook, Feeling Stressed and Going Rogue: How to Keep Work Trips From Derailing Business Travelers, to learn which common factors derail the business travel experience and cause employees to book outside the approved travel program, and how to offer the right solutions to keep work trips on track.

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