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May 27, 2019

The Key to Corporate Hotel Savings in Travel Management Programs

The TripActions Team

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Effective travel managers know that broad visibility into business travel trends helps them make smarter decisions and book the best corporate hotel rates. The best way to provide this insight is to make sure travelers are using the organization's booking tool for their corporate hotel stays.

Unfortunately, because of the poor user experience and lack of on-the-go support that comes with most legacy corporate travel solutions, 50% of road warriors regularly go rogue, or book outside of their organization's preferred solution. And when it comes to saving on corporate hotel bookings, this lack of adoption can end up costing organizations dearly.

Traveler buy-in and adoption are key to a successful corporate travel program, and there are several reasons why it’s worth considering both when optimizing for corporate hotel savings:

Seize supplier relationships with pre-negotiated rates

Negotiating discounted corporate hotel rates at company-scale can bring major savings to any travel operation. But if you don’t have visibility into where your travelers are actually booking the majority of their corporate hotel stays, it’s impossible to begin the process of negotiating better rates. Additionally, the greatest corporate hotel rate in the world won’t actually save the company money if employees don’t adopt the travel management solution and book the rate.

Improved search with dynamic policies

There’s a major cost difference between a corporate hotel stay in NYC vs. OKC, or a room booked in the middle of conference season versus during a quieter time of the year – and taking those factors into account when setting policy can result in both savings and reduced traveler frustration when booking. Luckily, modern business travel management platforms such as TripActions are able to continuously run algorithms on all available inventory to calculate the median price for any given search, taking into account locations, dates, and other variables to create dynamic policies for every unique corporate hotel booking.

Connect travelers with the best corporate hotel rates through unrivaled inventory

Take advantage of the power of APIs to connect a variety of inventory sources to your travelers and policy. This lets you access supplier-direct pricing along with heavily discounted corporate hotel rates sourced from the GDS (Global Distribution System) and consumer sites like Priceline. You benefit from avoiding markups and leveraging discounted rates for a win-win for savings.

Inspire your road warriors to spend company money as if their own

Travelers will often choose whichever corporate hotel option best suits their personal preferences, whether it’s winning them loyalty points or shortening their commute. Encourage employees to select budget-friendlier hotel options by giving them a share of the savings, offering rewards that can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, upgrades on a future business trip, or a personal getaway.

At the end of the day, if your employees are afforded flexibility, choice, and ease of use in their booking experience, they’re far less likely to go rogue and book outside of your travel ecosystem. When coupled with a great traveler experience where road warriors are cared for with proactive 24/7 365 live human support at every step of the way, the resulting buy-in and adoption will win you the increased visibility and savings that your organization is looking to achieve.

Learn more about how TripActions can help you enjoy more corporate hotel savings by getting in touch with one of our business travel management experience experts.

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