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Jan 15, 2021

Learn Modern T&E Management at the New TripActions Liquid Academy

Grant Martin

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Fintech is changing the role of the modern finance leader at a shockingly rapid pace. It can be difficult to keep track of all the innovations and technical capabilities of new tools and systems. It can be even more difficult to understand how to harness them in order to achieve greater visibility, control, and well as increased productivity, streamlined efficiencies, and happier teams.

TripActions Liquid is leading this innovation in corporate spend management and is deeply invested in the evolution of the entire industry and its leaders. To this end, TripActions is excited to announce that it is launching a new learning curriculum for modern finance leaders next week!

TripActions Liquid Academy is a free series of courses perfect for finance leaders and finance teams. Why? It’s the perfect chance to upgrade your skills and realign your mindset around the roles, responsibilities, and enormous potential present in the corporate travel and spend management space today.

The courses will cover the current and future states of fintech in corporate spend management, as well as the more detailed strategies and innovations powering proactive policy controls and automated reconciliation, as well as real-time spend and visibility. You’ll also learn why TripActions Liquid can be an effective tool in this process. As a bonus, you’ll earn badges along the way to track your progress.

Anyone can sign up for free to learn about the seismic changes taking place and get deep insights into the technology, innovation, systems, and strategies necessary for success. We’ll be adding new courses weekly, so even if you’re already a corporate spend management expert, you’ll find fresh content to help you rethink best practices and refocus your organization’s program.

The first four courses launch Tuesday, January 19 —add it to your calendar now! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Course 1: The Current State of Fintech in Corporate Travel & Expense
  • Course 2: The Future of Fintech in Corporate Travel & Expense
  • Course 3: A Day in the Life of a Modern Finance Leader
  • Course 4: A Framework for Modern Corporate Travel & Expense

    The TripActions Liquid Academy is launching at a time when the potential of fintech has never been bigger. As part of this seismic shift, TripActions introduced TripActions Liquid and the ‘Era of No Expenses’ in October 2020.

    TripActions Liquid’s industry-disrupting approach to streamlining business spend management delivers a better way for companies to cover online, on-the-go, and spot purchasing; recurring subscriptions; and the rare out-of-pocket spend for everything a business and its employees need to spend money on. This innovative platform is a massive step forward in B2B fintech and is forever changing the way companies manage their business spend.

    To learn more about how you can automate the entire expense management process, from categorization to compliance, watch this video on TripActions Liquid or visit

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