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Jul 19, 2019

Meagen Eisenberg Talks Travel on NBC Bay Area

The TripActions Team

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It’s no secret that TripActions is a mission-driven organization, and every employee contributes to our company culture — and it starts with our leadership team. Earlier this week, TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg had the opportunity to sit down with NBC Bay Area’s “The Influencer Effect” to share a little about her background, her leadership style and why she believes in the TripActions mission.

Before TripActions

When she first started out as a new graduate with a management information systems and computer science degree, Meagen went to work as an IT engineer for Cisco Systems.

“I saw that a lot of managers in IT were going on to get their MBAs, so I took an educational leave of absence to get my MBA,” said Meagen Eisenberg, CMO at TripActions. “While I was there, I really fell in love with marketing.”

After receiving her MBA from Yale School of Management, Meagen went on to join Trigo Technologies, recently acquired by IBM, in product marketing. With her background in marketing and IT, Meagen felt she could understand the tech buyer and how solutions like TripActions need to meet and exceed their expectations and deliver an amazing experience to the user.

Advice for New Graduates

Meagen thinks back to what she did to help place her on the path to success post-undergrad, and her top tips for recent graduates include:

  1. Life-long learning and committing to that learning mindset
  2. Networking skills and always thinking about ways to build your professional network
  3. Work ethic, which is something she particularly looks for when hiring at TripActions
  4. Problem solving and focusing on what drives value for the business

Women in Leadership

While that traveler-centric perspective drives Meagen and the entire TripActions org to reinvent business travel every day, Meagen also makes it a point to reflect internally on the organization’s leadership and mission. From early in her career, Meagen was fortunate to work for strong women leaders.

“Companies are more aware that there haven’t been as many women leaders in the past, so now we have more women leaders, more mentors, and more women and men taking time to work with women as they’re progressing in their careers,” said Meagen. “Women are doing a great job networking and learning more, putting themselves out there, and gaining confidence.”

Leading Marketing at TripActions

With TripActions, Meagen and her team are bringing the road warrior to the forefront of corporate travel.

“TripActions is really turning business travel management on its head. It’s looking at the status quo and not accepting it,” said Meagen.

The modern business traveler wants access to everything they need right at their fingertips, whether that’s an extensive inventory of hotels to choose from or modifying an existing flight. As Meagen points out, travelers have become accustomed to instantaneous access to every other app and technology in their daily life, and travel tools have been slow to meet that mobile expectation. That’s where TripActions comes in. With a platform purpose-built to give users the best possible experience, TripActions puts the business traveler first.

Check out the video interview clips with NBC Bay Area’s “The Influencer Effect” to hear more from Meagen Eisenberg.

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