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Feb 27, 2020

Don’t Forget to Measure: Tracking Corporate Travel Program Success

The TripActions Team

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A strong, streamlined business travel program can be a key strategic lever for growth for companies looking to boost in-person connections, build stronger relationships, and close deals faster. But in order for it to be truly fruitful, this growth strategy requires you to keep a close eye on travel’s impact to your business and your bottom line.

To optimize travel spend and make truly data-driven decisions, you don’t just need data — you need the right data, surfaced and sliced to uncover savings opportunities, pinpoint your organization’s biggest corporate travel expenditures, and gain valuable insights into the overall health of your travel program.

TripActions hosted a webinar with Curtis Atkinson, CFO at Sojern, to learn more about the organization’s travel program data, reporting, and KPIs. At Sojern, Curtis was tasked with scaling and growing the business, and that included considering how travel fit into the company’s larger financial strategy.

Curtis turned to TripActions to help his team build a travel program that delivered on cost savings without sacrificing a strong traveler experience. Nothing beats the value of meeting in person, but Curtis believed it was critical to have granular visibility into travel spend to make sure travel was truly delivering better business outcomes.

If you’re looking to make more travel program decisions rooted in trustworthy data — you’re in luck! We packaged this webinar with Curtis in a success kit to help you identify the tell-tale metrics every travel manager and finance team should track. The kit includes:

  • Rethinking Success Metrics for Corporate Travel Programs webinar recording
  • How to Measure Corporate Travel Program Success ebook
  • G2 Travel Management Software Report featuring TripActions
  • TripActions Provides Immediate ROI for Chubbies Shorts case study video

The kit is now available to download for all the data details you need to measure and track the success of your travel program.

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