July 24, 2018

We'll Be There, Anywhere: Announcing Our New Offices in Europe

The TripActions Team
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At TripActions, we believe that being there in person is a powerful thing. Being in the same room as your prospects, clients and team means making the direct, personal connections that are instrumental to closing new deals and moving great ideas forward.

That’s why our mission at TripActions is to foster human connection by taking the pain out of business travel, and because the landscape of modern business is international, we’re excited to announce that our mission is now truly going global.

With our newly unveiled international expansion ambitions, we’re opening offices around the globe. As a first step, we’re welcoming our London office and EMEA headquarters in Amsterdam. The addition of both of these offices in Europe continues to support our primary mission of making business travel painless and we are now able to better support our travelers no matter where they are in the world.

Our customers are our first priority. Thank you to our forward-thinking customers who have given us their feedback and trust –– we appreciate you. As we scale and grow alongside our customers big and small, we are determined to continue to provide seamless business travel experiences for our travelers.

So grab your passports, international business travel just got a whole lot smoother. And stay tuned, more exciting news to come in the months ahead.

Celebrating the new office openings with a summer happy hour in London and Amsterdam. Cheers!