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May 27, 2019

A New Standard for Booking Flights

The TripActions Team

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Since TripActions was first founded nearly 3.5 years ago, we’ve been continuously learning and iterating based on user feedback to create the best traveler and company experience available in business travel. Our focus has always been to maximize choice for travelers in partnership with our suppliers, to make booking trips fast and easy, and to build a robust business travel solution that gives companies everything they need to manage a successful travel program.

Over the course of the last year, we’ve heard loud and clear from our customers and airline partners that there’s tremendous opportunity for innovation in the flight shopping and booking experience. Travelers want more choice and insight into what they’re booking, travel managers want their travelers to understand company policy, and airlines want the significant diversity of offerings they’ve introduced to be accurately represented in third party booking tools. Corporate travel solutions simply haven’t stepped up to the plate, leaving business travelers confused about what they’re booking and if that option is actually in policy. Does that flight offer lie-flat business class? Is that seat within my company’s policy? And will I have wifi on board?

Our customers and partners deserve better. So, for the last 6 months, we’ve invested thousands of hours of research and development work to build a radically innovative flight shopping experience unrestrained by industry norms or legacy infrastructure. Simply stated, we set out to build the best third party flight booking experience on the planet.

Introducing TripActions’ New Flight Booking Experience

Today the entire TripActions team is proud to unveil our groundbreaking new flight storefront which sets a new standard for user experience in business travel by giving travelers the information they need to book their flights, including a better display of company policy.

On February 6 we’ll begin rolling out this innovative new flight booking experience, making it available to all travelers in the weeks that follow. Let’s take a look at some key features you can expect out of this new experience:
  • A much richer level of flight information all in one interface, including clearer presentation of company policy with a color coding system, easy shopping of all available carriers and seat products, and an industry-defined star rating system that categorizes diverse airline offerings for easy comparison
  • In-depth presentation of carrier products including branded fare info, seat maps and seat photos with description
  • Branded fare comparison to help travelers easily understand what's included with each choice
  • Easy access to flight performance stats such as on-time percentage
  • Visibility into in-flight amenities such as wifi access, meal service and in-seat power access

Innovation in Partnership with the Travel Industry

This new flight booking experience was developed in close collaboration with industry association ATPCO as well as with leading airlines who view the new booking interface as a major step forward for the industry.

In response to TripActions’ new product, Rhonda Crawford, Vice President – Global Distribution & Digital Strategy, Delta Air Lines said, "Displaying a single fare product on four obsolete cabin shelves just doesn’t work anymore – customers expect and deserve the same robust experience shopping for flights on a third-party platform as they have shopping on an airline’s site, or for any other consumer product. Delta applauds and appreciates TripActions' leadership in setting a new gold standard for third-party displays that will greatly benefit our customers, including those traveling with our joint venture partners.”

“We’re looking at every aspect of our business to provide a great experience for our customers. With an expansive route network, updated products and making it easier to compare these offerings when they’re booking flights, we want customers to feel the care and commitment we put into traveling on United every day,” said Tye Radcliffe, Director, Distribution at United Airlines. “United was one of the first airlines to partner with TripActions, and we commend them on their efforts to provide customers with far more information about our full range of fare types, products and services in its innovative new booking experience."

We’re grateful for the support of our airline industry partners and look forward to continuing to collaborate with them to push the business travel industry forward.

We’re Just Getting Started

This new standard for booking flights is a critical milestone on our journey to deliver the best user experience available in business travel. But it’s just the beginning — as we take off, we look forward to making this flight booking experience even stronger in the weeks ahead in partnership with our customers and supplier partners. So sit back, relax and enjoy the flight – we’re thrilled to have you on board!

Let’s go!

The TripActions Team

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