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October 12, 2018

Why On-the-Go Support Is Essential for Today’s Business Traveler

In a recent survey, the TripActions team found that 64% of business travelers feel they have to handle everything, from rebooking cancelled flights to sorting out rental car mixups, when travel doesn’t go as planned.

That’s no small number, and when you consider the unnecessary stress and frustration this lack of support can put on a business traveler who’s ultimately taking these trips as a way to drive company growth, it’s obvious that something needs to change. 50% of employees go “rogue” — or book travel outside of provided company solutions — and one reason for that is they don’t feel as if these solutions are actually there to help them should something go awry.

In other words, the policies and tools that companies are putting in place are not meeting the needs of the business traveler.


What Today's Business Traveler Wants

IATA’s 2018 Global Passenger Survey also revealed some telling stats about today’s business traveler and the desire for more on-the-go support: 54% of those surveyed said they want real-time, accurate travel notifications, while 46% said they want automated flight rebooking. In fact, according to IATA’s 2018 Survey Highlights, one of the biggest takeaways was that respondents made it clear that “Being notified about our flight or bag status is important - with a human touch when disruption happens.”

How can your company offer support to a business traveler who’s out on the road, while also incentivizing that traveler to utilize the approved policies and tools?


More Support = Happier Business Travelers

By giving your employees a solution that can really deliver proactive support — no matter where in the world they are, or what time or day it happens to be (yes, even in the case of that Thanksgiving Day flight delay) — you’ll see happier travelers, and higher employee adoption rates.

While plenty of travel management solutions claim they can offer this kind of business traveler support, they’re often complicated by multiple agencies in different locations or outdated technology that limits accessibility. This lack of dependable support is what leaves travelers feeling abandoned and distracted.

More innovative solutions, however, are looking to change the status quo and help out business travelers in need by combining smart technology with an empathetic human touch. Some can even monitor a traveler’s itinerary to let her or him know of issues proactively, and offering alternatives to solve the travel issue at hand. With that kind of support, travelers get where they need to while knowing their company has their back.

What your business travelers really need is a management solution that offers helpful features, such as chat support, mobile alerts, and dedicated experts who are truly available 24/7.

To learn more about all the features that make up a best-in-class corporate travel management solution, be sure to download our latest ebook, 5 Ways to Deliver a Better Business Traveler Experience.


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