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Aug 28, 2020

Open for Business Podcast: Advocating Public Policy to Rebuild Business Travel Confidence

Samantha Shankman

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TripActions has always believed in the power of data. It plays an integral role in building every TripActions product and feature to date, especially those that are helping our customers manage through COVID-19. Data is also the lens through which we examine challenges and create solutions. The availability and integrity of data related to the novel coronavirus is a necessary step in getting businesses back to work and travelers feeling safe on an airplane, in a hotel, or traversing a new city.

TripActions recently joined forces with the leaders of global corporate travel companies TravelBank and Upside Business Travel to advocate for public policy that will help build confidence in the restart of business travel. Earlier this month the executives of these companies sent a letter that urges the U.S. government to fully support national COVID-19 testing, contact tracing, and an open data program, including robust funding, clear guidance, and coordination support.

There is more than just the public’s safety at stake. Without proper funding and data, the industry risks losing dozens of innovative disruptive players who are moving the travel industry towards the future. Advocacy plays an important role in making that case to the policymakers in D.C. who have access to the resources needed to get business travel back as integrated and innovative as before.

Today we’re sitting down with Noah Kowalski, Principal at Invariant, and Sai Jahann, General Counsel at TripActions, to discuss the importance of advocating for public policy that gives our business travelers the confidence needed to safely resume their work travel.

This corporate T&E podcast covers:

  • The role of policy in rebuilding our industry after the pandemic
  • How policy that favors antiquated legacy players hurts consumers and the market at large
  • How TripActions engages with the government and embodies its value of “putting the user first”
  • Why national testing, contract tracing, and open data are critical to restarting business travel, reopening borders, and getting the economy moving again

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