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Jul 7, 2020

Open for Business Podcast: The Opportunities + Challenges for Business Travel by Rail

Samantha Shankman

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Corporate travel by train has grown in popularity amongst business travelers in the UK and around Europe for more than two decades. With advancements in technology, changes in network competition, and shifting consumer expectation, it is poised to become a preferred mode of transportation for millions of business travelers, and not just in Europe.

Here at TripActions, we support business travel by rail for its ease, speed, convenience, and sustainability. But, most of all, for what it means to our customers and their success.

TripActions help our customers quickly, easily, and conveniently book, pay for, and expense their rail travel so they can focus on being there, not the process of getting there. TripActions recently announced its partnership with Trainline, the premier train platform, to expand its global rail inventory and enable business travelers to book and manage train reservations across the UK and Europe.

As business travel picks back up, the numbers are clear: Not only are 74%+ of frequent business travelers comfortable or somewhat comfortable traveling by train right now, but business travelers are now more frequently booking rail over air travel. There is also legislation in the pipeline that would make rail transportation even better for consumers in the future.

Today we sit down with William Phillipson, longtime travel technology executive and leader, veteran of ITA Software and founder of SilverRail, along with Stephanie Weaver, Transport Supply Director for Rail at TripActions, to discuss the future of train travel in Europe and beyond.

In this episode of Open for Business: A Corporate T&E Podcast, we’ll discuss:

  • How rail travel has grown over the last 5, 10, and 20 years
  • Why it’s a relevant option for business travelers specifically
  • The coming increase in competition and what that means for consumers
  • The sustainability factor in choosing rail
  • The technological challenges to improving the rail experience
  • Where duty of care falls short and how that will change
  • An optimistic outlook on rail’s role in the future of business travel

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