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Jul 31, 2019

90%+ User Adoption (and 93% CSAT) with TripActions

The TripActions Team

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You may have seen our recent post explaining what goes into the TripActions 93% Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) score, but TripActions helps companies increase another metric –– one that, coupled with CSAT, determines ultimate platform stickiness: user adoption.

TripActions customers not only enjoy over 93% CSAT, they typically see 90%+ user adoption. For our largest customers, high adoption is imperative to a successful travel program, particularly because ease of implementation and ongoing use are their top concerns to ensure program effectiveness and complete visibility into travel spend. The idea of moving from unmanaged to managed travel or switching to a new travel management company can be daunting, especially when thinking about trying to get your travelers to buy in. But, if you’re bringing in a travel platform designed to delight your employees, it doesn’t have to be.

User adoption in general is a metric used to track the number of internal employees who use a tool versus those who “go rogue” and book elsewhere. But recognizing the importance of gaining high adoption with customer satisfaction is key. Traditionally, travel management solutions have suffered from low user adoption, or low CSAT scores, or both –– because of the poor user experience when booking and lack of inventory at the best price, among other factors.

With TripActions, we’ve managed to drive user adoption to more than 90% thanks to devotion to our travelers and delivering an intuitive product experience. Our team measures adoption across our customer base on a daily basis and measures our performance against it. When employees book outside of their company’s designated booking platform, the resulting leakage leads to a variety of travel-related headaches for the organization, from a lack of visibility and control over expenses to the inability to deliver on their duty of care responsibilities.

“Driving adoption and customer satisfaction is ingrained in the culture of the TripActions customer success team,” says Jamel Markx, Customer Success Manager at TripActions. “No matter the company, business travel is a lot easier if TripActions is built into the travel program and policy.”

TripActions is purpose-built to reinforce traveler adoption. With unrivaled inventory of flights, trains, rental cars and loding, AI-driven personalization, and rewards incentives, the intuitive, user-first interface encourages users to book within the tool. And there’s the human element; adoption is also driven through customer-first support. At TripActions, our round-the-clock support team covers anything that could go wrong before, during, or after a trip, giving travel managers peace of mind and keeping travelers satisfied.

“We want people to love TripActions and to come back to use it every time they need to travel,” says Jamel. “Part of that is accomplished by bringing a human element to what we do, and by focusing on the user at every step.”

The result? 90%+ user adoption and 93%+ customer satisfaction. We’re more than willing to share these numbers because they are a record high for a travel management company and we want to hold ourselves accountable for keeping these metrics up. If you’d like to learn more about how TripActions can increase your traveler adoption and satisfaction, schedule a demo with us.

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