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May 28, 2020

Post COVID-19 Framework for Business Recovery

It’s never too soon to be looking at how to approach business recovery. There’s much uncertainty still, but we know that we’ll get moving eventually. And we know that those who are prepared when the time comes are going to be in the best possible shape to move quickly, cut costs--and get ahead of the competition.

The question is, how do you prepare? Knowledge is power, so we encourage you to do some research as you work across the many divisions of your organization for your path forward. To that end, we’ve also put together a guide “Rethinking Travel & Expenses: A Framework for Business Recovery” to help you.

Your travel and expense management processes are poised to play an important role in modernizing and streamlining your organization. In fact, these will be crucial in the future when travel resumes.

The guide covers three key premises of business in the coming economy. Given that an Oxford Economics study demonstrated that $1 spent on business travel equates to $12.50 in incremental revenue, you can be sure that one of these is business travel. The other two? Cost savings and employee safety. Naturally, your travel program will look different than it did six months ago--as will your expense management. You can learn more about these when you read the guide.

You’ll also learn:

  • The 3 key premises of business in the coming economy
  • Steps required for effective reevaluation of current T&E systems and processes
  • What to do about unused flight tickets and making use of waivers
  • Perspectives on maximizing traveler experience and cost savings

Download the guide “Rethinking Travel & Expenses: A Framework for Business Recovery” to get ready for what comes next.

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