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April 22, 2018

Qubole Navigates Travel Management & Employee Satisfaction with TripActions

Santa Clara-based startup Qubole, a big-data-as-a-service provider and creator of the industry’s first autonomous data management platform, knows a thing or two about the power behind data-driven insights and decision-making.

However, as the company quickly grew, so did the need for a smarter travel solution. Qubole’s previously unmanaged travel program let employees book travel on a patchwork of sites. This left their management team with little to no visibility into or control over employee hotel spending habits, and also made tracking travel preferences or itinerary changes a nightmare.

Adopting a centrally managed travel solution that could add more visibility into employee travel, help curb employees hotel booking habits and create more consistent perceptions of reasonable (and unreasonable) hotel costs was the clear next step to give management more control over company travel efforts and stimulate company savings.

After seeing TripActions in action, Qubole knew right away they had found the right travel management partner. While employees received a user-friendly way to book and manage travel as well as abundant inventory from the sites they were accustomed to using, the management team gained more measurable insight into employee travel spend habits and hotel savings.

Leveraging TripActions today, Qubole’s team now has real-time visibility into employee travel costs and hotel savings. Thanks in part to a dynamic travel policy, Qubole has already seen a 25% reduction in costs on hotel bookings. Employees also experience an enormous share of the benefits with a huge travel inventory they can use to book company travel and a fully supported, user-friendly mobile app that makes business travel flexible and more personal than ever before.

Read the rest of Qubole’s success story and how they decided on a TripActions travel management solution here.

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