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Feb 28, 2020

Reflecting on Culture - Black History Month

The TripActions Team

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Diversity and inclusion are important to TripActions. In fact, we firmly believe that collaboration among people with varied perspectives and backgrounds is what helps us innovate on behalf of our customers. Black History Month reminds us to reflect on the importance of understanding cultures so that we can better understand, collaborate, and communicate with each other, our customers, partners and the broader travel community. But that’s not all.

“For me Black History Month is a time to reflect on the past, appreciate the present, and look forward to the future,” says Jozéf Whitehurst, senior market development team lead on the sales team here at TripActions. “I believe it is important to find time to reflect and remember our past ancestors who have made a meaningful and lasting impact on today’s society and culture.”

Over the past month, we have taken a closer look at Black History in a few different ways.

At the Dallas TripActions office, Historian Dr. Marvin Dulaney, Associate Professor of History Emeritus, former Interim Director of the Center for African American Studies, and the former Chair of the Department of History at the University of Texas, Arlington, gave a lecture covering the origins of African American History Month while highlighting the history of African Americans around the world. In addition, our Diversity and Inclusion Slack channel shared interesting facts throughout the month about inventions and innovations from famous African American men and women throughout history.

Looking at what Black history has meant to travel, we celebrated courageous, intelligent, and resourceful individuals like Victor Hugo Green, Albert Robinson and Margaret Tull Robinson, Betty Reid Soskin, and Bessie Coleman who showed how African Americans helped lead the way in the travel industry.

Influential Black figures throughout history have shared a unique and insightful perspective on the importance of travel, including:

As Jozéf put it: “I appreciate the present Black activists, inventors, contributors, and leaders in our culture today. There are many African Americans today who continue to challenge the status quo and raise the bar in a way that their voice can be heard by the masses so that they get the proper recognition they deserve. Recognizing these Black leaders for their hard work and dedication is an important piece of Black History Month.”

He adds, “I look forward to the future of what our younger generations will achieve in the coming years. Growing up, I looked up to multiple African American leaders in different industries and I just hope one day I can be an influence to a young African American boy or girl like many have been to me.”

Those interested in learning more about TripActions culture and opportunities to join the team can check out our careers page.

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