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Nov 8, 2021

The U.S.-UK Travel Corridor Reopens! Here’s What to Know

Rich Beattie

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“Hugely important to promote transatlantic business,“ said Germany’s U.S. ambassador, Emily Haber. “A fantastic boost for business and trade,” said British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Those are just two of the sentiments surrounding the reopening of the U.S. border to citizens from the UK and some European countries. It’s been a long time coming: On March 16, 2020, the U.S. border closed to visitors from the UK. But that changes today, November 8, 2021. For business travelers who have been missing face-to-face meetings with clients and colleagues, it’s a huge moment.

And travelers are ready: According to TripActions data, flight bookings from the EU to the U.S. saw a 213% MoM bump after the reopening news was announced.

Of course, this seismic change does come with some stipulations for both UK citizens traveling to the U.S. and vice versa (even though U.S. citizens have been permitted to travel to the UK since August).

For example, vaccinations and COVID-19 tests are required in order to avoid quarantine restrictions. The regulations also define what constitutes an approved vaccine and when exactly travelers have to take those COVID-19 tests, as well as complete other required paperwork.

See a full list of key regulations in our guide, “Checklists for Navigating the U.S.-UK Reopening.”

Preparing for Travel

So what can travel managers do to ensure their travelers are ready to hop across the pond after so long?

A new guide from TripActions covers a wide range of questions to ask and checks to make, but the process starts with laying important groundwork, like figuring out when travelers should be tested and how the process will happen. It also includes taking a look at your company travel policy to ensure it takes into account all of the new regulations.

In addition, successful international travel now means communicating with travelers to make sure expectations are set and effective plans are in place to relay these new rules.

And of course, traveler safety and duty of care remains paramount. Assessing how to maintain high standards while empowering employees to make the necessary decisions on the ground is key.

To access the full checklists of considerations for travel managers as international travel returns, download our guide: “Checklists for Navigating the U.S.-UK Reopening.”

More changes will inevitably come as the world continues to settle back to normal, and TripActions can help. This industry-leading end-to-end travel and expense management platform helps ensure success, thanks to key features such as dynamic policy, health and safety guidelines directly in the app, and powerful support when needed.

Learn more about how TripActions can help you get back to travel.

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