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March 7, 2018

Scaling Up at TripActions

The TripActions Team
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Ilan and I have lived the difficult life of a road warrior: alone on the go, week after week, having to fend for yourself when your flight is delayed or you arrive too early to check-in to your room. And from these experiences, we know that business travelers are not being taken care of. As we recently shared, business travelers waste an incredible amount of time booking work trips, ignore the tools their companies pay for and most depressingly, overwhelmingly feel like they’re on their own when their flight home is cancelled. We founded TripActions because business travelers and their employers deserve better.

Today we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $51M in our Series B round led by Arif Janmohamed of Lightspeed Venture Partners and joined by Oren Zeev of Zeev Ventures. Both have been outstanding partners since the inception of TripActions, investing in each of our rounds and contributing to our shared mission as board members.

Since the close of our Series A in April 2017, the TripActions team has been ruthlessly focused on building the best travel experience for our travelers and customers. Over the last few months, we have:

  • Improved personalization within the app to give travelers the search results they want and none of the ones they don’t, resulting in a 6 minute median time to book a flight or hotel
  • Expanded our inventory through our partnerships with Expedia, Priceline, Sabre & other partners, giving travelers the choices they deserve without a need for competitive shopping
  • Advanced our traveler support technology to make our support team 5x more efficient than legacy travel solutions which for travelers means faster support–our average response time is <1 min–and proactive outreach to ensure you always get home to your loved ones
  • Refined the TripActions Rewards Program to give travelers a reason to care about saving company money on travel

The TripActions iOS app gives travelers personalized hotel search results, proactive chat support and simplified on-the-go trip management

The results show that taking care of travelers and saving company money aren’t at odds with each other: we’re seeing 97% traveler adoption of TripActions and 97% traveler satisfaction with our support while our customers are saving up to 34% on their hotel bookings alone.

As we welcome more customers and travelers to the TripActions community, we need to ensure we scale up efficiently and effectively to serve their needs. With this goal in mind, we’re investing in building custom technology and infrastructure to bring long-overdue innovation to the outdated technologies which plague the business travel industry today. This will allow us to offer an even faster and more effective booking and support experience for our travelers. We’re also rapidly growing our team and expanding our physical footprint with new offices in New York City, London, the Eurozone and Asia-Pacific to better care for our customers & travelers around the world.

Most importantly, we want to extend our gratitude to our customers, travelers and partners for your feedback, trust and collaboration. You joined us early on in our mission to give travelers and companies the business travel experience they deserve, and we’re incredibly excited to jump into this next phase of growth with you.


Posted by: Ariel Cohen & Ilan Twig, Co-Founders, TripActions

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