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Jan 19, 2021

Start TripActions Liquid Academy Today!

Grant Martin

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This week, TripActions Academy is powering up again with TripActions Liquid™ Academy to start a new series of coursework that’ll sharpen up your skills on the fast-evolving new world of enterprise finance technology.

For many in the traditional travel world, the concept of fintech may feel out of place when it comes to managing an itinerary or setting up a corporate policy—but the bold new world of cloud platforms means that opportunity abounds.

This new batch of coursework takes a ground-up approach to corporate spend management and sprinkles in the travel technology that we know and love. Starting today, new courses will publish every week through February 23rd.

In the new coursework, you’ll learn about modern fintech stacks, specific tools and approaches for creating change, and strategies for building the programs of tomorrow. You’ll also hear real case studies and user stories from successful program managers.

The first four courses of the curriculum, which were published today, are:

  • Course 1: The Current State of Fintech in Corporate Travel and Spend Management
  • Course 2: The Future of Fintech in Corporate Travel and Spend Management
  • Course 3: A Day in the Life of a Modern Finance Leader
  • Course 4: A Framework for Modern Corporate Spend Management

Head over to to find the new courses with the prefix TAL. It’s possible to find the new courses by navigating to the course catalog in the TripActions Academy and selecting the TripActions Liquid™ courses.

We hope you’ll join the thousands of other users who have joined TripActions Academy (for free!) to learn about modern corporate travel and spend. In the coming weeks, news around fintech certification and the next generation of TripActions Academy will also hit the airwaves.

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