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Aug 8, 2019

Stat Spotlight: 64% of Business Travelers Feel Unsupported on the Road

The TripActions Team

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In last year’s State of Business Travel Report, TripActions uncovered a number of interesting facts about corporate travel, including this one: 64% of business travelers feel they have to handle everything when their travel doesn’t go quite as planned. A lack of support can lead to a lot of frustration for your business travelers. Let’s face it — travel can be stressful even when everything goes according to plan. Stress from travel can impact your travelers’ well-being, as well as distract them from the business matters they’re traveling for in the first place.

When your employees are traveling for work, they should feel confident that they can count on on-the-go support from the teams and tools their organizations have in place. But if that’s the case, why do nearly two out of three travelers believe they have to tackle these challenges alone?

Often, legacy travel management solutions force travelers to jump through complicated hoops, such as requiring them to contact multiple agencies or to navigate outdated applications. When something goes wrong on the road, the last thing travelers want to do is deal with additional headaches while they’re searching for relief in the first place.

Here’s what TripActions recommends to proactively support your travelers:

  • Make sure your travel policy clearly outlines what to do in the event of travel disruptions. Lack of information contributes to your employees feeling in the dark when something does go wrong. Your corporate travel policy must detail a plan of action in the event of a travel hiccup (or disaster). Layer on a travel management tool that surfaces policy so employees can easily find it, and your travelers will feel confident and able to handle whatever comes their way.

  • Implement a travel management platform that proactively handles travel challenges. With smart technology in place, select corporate travel solutions now have the ability to monitor a traveler’s itinerary and notify the traveler if issues do arise. Adopting a travel solution that proactively monitors the status of your travelers’ bookings can help guide travelers if they need to make changes to a flight.

  • Get your travelers the support they deserve. Travel mishaps are notorious for happening outside of business hours, leaving travelers feeling (and actually being) stranded. Bring in a travel solution with 24/7 support experts for the times when your travelers need help from a human. A support network will help reduce the feeling in your travelers that they’re on their own.

At TripActions, we’re focused on doing right by business travelers. Making sure they’re supported anywhere in the world is central to that battle. Want more stats? Check out the TripActions 2018 State of Business Travel Report for more insights on the business travel industry.

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