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Oct 12, 2021

Here’s What 1,600 People Think About Corporate Travel and Expense Now

Rich Beattie

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How do you know travel is returning to normal? When flight delays have replaced COVID-19 as travelers’ number one concern on the road.

And that’s exactly what’s happened, according to the just-released survey and report from Skift and TripActions, The State of Corporate Travel and Expense 2022.

It’s just one of the fascinating findings in this much-anticipated report, which includes survey results from some 1,100 corporate travel decision makers (CTDMs) and 500 business travelers. The survey has become an annual tradition, and the year-over-year results are especially interesting after a unique two years for the corporate travel and spend industry.

So what are the most important issues facing the world of corporate travel and spend? And how are its players feeling as the pandemic wanes?

Good News

It’s great news, actually: Optimism abounds. And it’s not just optimism way out on the horizon. Travel is returning “at a marked clip” in the short-haul and domestic segments, the report says, with companies anxious to expand their radius as more borders reopen.

Companies are getting back to the business of business travel because they recognize its importance to their success. More than 70% of travelers and CTDMs respectively agree that travel is necessary for growth because the power of meeting in person simply can’t be ignored.

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The reasons for travel vary: attending conferences, fostering existing relationships, establishing new partnerships. But whatever the priority, companies are ready to return their employees to road-warrior status—and employees are excited to get back out there.

What’s Changed

Of course, the landscape of travel and expense looks a bit different these days. Duty of care has taken on even more importance than before the pandemic, and most travel managers say that they’re delivering on the commitment. But do their travelers feel the same way?

Another big shift has been toward a hybrid workplace—a trend happening in real time. It’s no surprise that a majority of companies say that they’ve gone partially remote. But there are differences in how they’re handling their travel and spend policies and processes—and whether they feel their tools are up to the task.

One thing most everyone agrees on, however, is the importance of gathering teams for in-person collaboration. Employees are excited to see their co-workers, and companies are encouraging offsites. As a result, team travel is a trend ready for primetime. And the tools travel managers are using for group trips—and how they feel about their effectiveness—is one of the survey’s more interesting findings.

That’s just scratching the surface. There’s lots more to uncover in this seminal industry report—data that will not only create discussion, but help inform the decisions that companies make in the year to come.

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