March 12, 2018

Why SurveyMonkey Turned to TripActions to Manage Travel Costs

The TripActions Team
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SurveyMonkey, a leading provider of cloud-based, online survey development solutions, helps thousands of businesses and people across the globe turn customer data and insights into innovative ideas every day.

As SurveyMonkey focused on their own growth and innovation over the years, their travel management systems fell short. In fact, SurveyMonkey had already tried two separate travel platforms to simplify employee travel and reduce costs, but found little success in either solution. Travelers were frustrated by the clunky platforms, content and services were limited, and managing travel costs effectively was virtually impossible with the limited back-end reporting capabilities. Employees were unhappy with the outdated technology and company savings were minimal at best.

That’s when SurveyMonkey turned to TripActions. In an effort to finally improve employee satisfaction and ultimately ensure savings on travel, SurveyMonkey began leveraging a travel management solution that provides employees with an easy to use, mobile-friendly platform that offers the travel options they want, world-class proactive support and rewards smarter hotel spending habits that give employees a reason to care about saving company money.

Today, SurveyMonkey recognizes TripActions as an invaluable one-stop-shop travel management solution that continues to optimize the entirety of their travel efforts from end to end--allowing them to focus more on driving innovation and less on corporate travel headaches.

For more details on why SurveyMonkey joined the TripActions family, read the full case study here.