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June 29, 2018

“It’s About Earning Traveler Trust”: TripActions CEO on Taking the Pain Out of Business Travel

The TripActions Team
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Nothing beats being there in person.

Especially in an age when we’ve been accustomed to interacting with pixelated faces and instant messages, the power of sitting down face-to-face could be the difference between closing a deal and spending a conference call apologizing for a poor WiFi connection.

We practice what we preach, we’re on the road just like you, and that’s why TripActions’ CEO and Co-Founder recently flew to New York City to sit down with tech news outlet Cheddar live on the New York Stock Exchange Floor for an interview about how TripActions helps take the pain out of business travel.  


“It’s very painful to go on a business the first thing we’ve done is create an amazing business travel experience. It takes six minutes for travelers to book a trip [with TripActions], compared to an hour with a traditional system. ” - Ariel Cohen

As Ariel explained to Cheddar, traveling is a must to drive ideas and businesses forward, but the process for your travelers to get there is far from easy.  They sacrifice a lot when they are on the road away from their home and family. The last thing you want them to do is spend hours booking their trip or dealing with the added stress when their flight get delayed or cancelled.   

That’s why we’ve created a highly-personalized platform that allows travelers to book the best possible flight in minutes, not hours, so they can spend more time focusing on what really matters (like, you know, their actual job). We give them ample options to choose what makes the most sense for their trip. And while their out on the road, we won’t leave them hanging.  We monitor their trip, proactively reach out if and when there’s a problem, and can work our magic to get them out of any bind.

“Usually there’s a lot of noise around business travel, but with TripActions, all of this noise, all of these fights about how much to spend on a trip, are going to vanish and your employees are going to love it. ” - Ariel Cohen

We’re investing in making business travel as smooth as possible for our customers and their travelers. Whether you’re a business traveler, a travel manager, in finance or HR, we’re constantly innovating to make business travel better for you and your employees.

Watch the full five-minute interview on Cheddar to see Ariel give a more in-depth look at the present and future of TripActions, and if we’ve piqued enough of your interest to invest another minute, or more, in what we have to offer, take a look at our Resource Center for more. Happy travels.

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