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February 20, 2017

The Bachelor & Business Travel Management

In its 21st season, The Bachelor has become an extremely popular television show. You might be thinking “sure, for 20 something females”. At first this might have been the case, but now the reality program is viewed by all genders in many phases of life. Every Tuesday morning it is a topic of conversation throughout the TripActions office, and we are a diverse bunch.

To those that do not watch, the reality show’s premise starts with either a bachelor or bachelorette. This season stars Nick, a bachelor who dates 25 extremely attractive women living under one roof with the hopes of narrowing them down to one. He goes on extraordinary dates across the globe and gives each woman a rose if they get to stay another week. In the finale, he proposes to one woman in the hopes of getting married.

Meet Nick, the bachelor.

By now you must be wondering, who does the bachelor pick? We still have three episodes to find out, but the women usually fall into four categories:

The shy, boring one. This girl is nice to everyone. She prioritizes being friends with other girls in the house but her personality is missing something.

This describes Daniel L.

She stayed long into the season but Nick the bachelor felt he was forcing his feelings for her.  He was not sincerely happy with her, he was just scared he was not going to find love.

The quirky, nice one. At first this girl seems refreshing but she does not offer the entire package. She confides her feelings and stays close with the quiet one. One season there were twins on the show and the bachelor is looking to marry one woman, not two.

Her real name is Alexis, not dolphin girl.

This is how she arrived to meet Nick the bachelor, in a shark costume. She made us laugh but she held back emotionally and was missing all the qualities Nick wanted.

The flashy, young one. This girl is entertaining and still learning what love is. She is more like the girlfriend you learn from rather than a long-term relationship.

This is Corinne.

 If you do not watch the season, she is still worth looking up for a good laugh. She offers a good time but focuses too much on Nick’s initial reaction rather than his goals in finding a wife.

The exciting, fun, well-rounded one. The bachelor might overlook her at first with all the other contestants making quick moves but she is easy to talk to, intriguing, and always up for the challenge.

And this describes Vanessa.

Nick the bachelor might not have seen it at first but she is what he wants in a partner. She wants the best for Nick the bachelor and will always be there for him.


Picking a travel management platform is a lot like The Bachelor. Your options fall into similar categories and the dramatic, nice, and quirky ones can seem tempt. But in the finale, we will see that the final rose is handed to, we’re betting on Vanessa.

TripActions is a modern, mobile-first, travel management application that keeps employees happy and engaged with the company’s travel program through incentives. As an end-to-end solution, we focus on driving 30% company savings, creating an amazing user experience, providing support every step of the travel process, and giving visibility into company spending.

Weigh in and let us know who you think will get the final rose on Twitter. While you’re there make sure to follow our TripActions profile for the latest updates.

To start using TripActions, request a demo or call us at (888) 406-TRIP.

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