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May 7, 2018

The Costly Truth: Most of Your Employees Aren't Using the Company Travel Management Solution. Here's Why.

Half of travelers ignore their company’s travel management solution, turning to consumer sites like Kayak or Google. That’s right— half. And it's costing companies – big. Not only does this indicate a lack of employee engagement with your travel solution, it ultimately means finance teams lose visibility of travel spend, creating a huge unknown in budgeting and forecasting that keeps them up at night.

Why? The fact is, we’re all used to having the world at our fingertips with an abundance of information and choices, and that expectation carries over when employees sit down to book a business trip. So, what do they really want?

  • The same simplified user experience they are used to when booking personal travel.
  • The flexibility to book options that get them to their meeting more easily and home to their families faster.
  • Customized search results that prioritize their preferences, so they can book and get on with their day.

It’s hard to blame them. Legacy solutions have failed to keep the traveler top-of-mind, leading to a clunky user experience in an outdated interface. These solutions also prioritize their own, preferred inventory instead of the more convenient and reasonably-priced inventory that travelers actually want. When travelers use these legacy solutions and see only a few, inconvenient choices, they inevitably look elsewhere to find what they know is available. Searching on their own, they find better departure times, hotel options, and often, cheaper prices, ultimately losing their trust in the company tool.

In addition, 83% of travelers said they spend over an hour booking a trip. That means that by the time they’ve searched, applied all the filters they need, and cross-checked prices on consumer sites, your employee has wasted too much time booking a trip instead of excelling at the role they were hired for.

So what happens when your company pays for a corporate booking tool that over half of your road warriors aren’t even using?

The consequences fall on the entire organization. Employees are spending way too much time booking a business trip. Finance teams are left to sift through receipts, hoping they can correctly account for travel expenses. Backlogged finance teams result in slower approvals for a multitude of other business needs. The result: annoyed travelers who bypass the system, overwhelmed finance teams bogged down with expense allocation, and ultimately, a slower business.

It doesn’t have to be this way. There’s a simple fix: give employees a travel management solution they’ll actually love using. This was one of the driving inspirations behind TripActions. We built a booking tool for the business traveler that offers:

  • The simplicity travelers know and expect when booking personal travel.
  • All the inventory travelers crave brought into one easy-to-use interface, so no more time is wasted comparison shopping.
  • Personalization driven by machine-learning to give individual travelers the most relevant options for their preferences, right at the top of their results.

The stats speak for themselves. TripActions has a 97% adoption rate among travelers at the companies we work with. It’s just more proof that giving employees the benefit of choice that they’ve come to expect is the way to go, making for happier, more compliant travelers.

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