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April 24, 2017

The Good, Bad and Ugly Weather Affecting Business Travel


Weather delays can be stressful, that’s why we’ve provided some tips for getting you to your destination during times of the good, bad and ugly weather.

Picture this: You’re about to hop on a flight from SFO to JFK to close a huge deal with a company based on the East Coast. This deal has been in the works for the past year, so this is a very important meeting to you and your company. You arrive at SFO only to find that a snowstorm is approaching New York. First, your flight is delayed by an hour, then delayed by three, then on the verge of being cancelled. The panic starts to set in because this is the last meeting (and possibly the last chance) you have to close the deal with this company. When weather gets the best of your travel plans, what do you do next as a business traveler?

Good Weather:
Good weather mainly occurs in the Spring and Summer which are some of the busiest times to travel.  For example, tourism spikes and airports become over crowded, making security lines unbearably long. Although there is a lower possibility of weather delays during these months, overcrowded airports can be just as frustrating. During these times, plan ahead by:

  • Pack lightly so you can move quickly through the airport and security.
  • Get to the airport earlier than usual.
  • Sign up for TSA Pre-check to get through security faster.
  • Use the TripActions app to see all of your boarding information and get real-time notifications about your flights.

Follow these tips and you’ll be able to enjoy the great weather as soon as you secure the deal!

Bad Weather:
Heavy rain or snow causes low visibility and commonly delays flights. If you are flying to a destination that has frequent bad weather, be sure you know when the best times to travel there are. In the U.S., for example, the winter months are usually the wettest on the west coast. In just one day last December, 400 flights departing from and arriving at LAX were delayed or cancelled due to high winds and heavy rainfall. Prepare for delays by checking the weather in your TripActions mobile itinerary and receiving our real time notifications of any flight changes. These delays are tough to avoid but the best thing you can do is stay busy and hop on the next available flight to reach your destination. Here are some things to do to kill time when your flight is delayed:

  • Find a business lounge to finish up some last minute work or just relax for the trip ahead.
  • Take a walk/exercise.
  • Explore the town you’re in (for lengthy delays).
  • Read a book or play some games.

For help with flight changes, download our mobile app and have our support team in your pocket 24/7.

Ugly Weather:
Extreme weather usually calls for flight cancellations. Just the other week, Delta Airlines cancelled nearly 3,000 flights due to thunderstorms. Ugly weather like this might leave you rescheduling your business trips until the storms have passed. If this does happen to you, do your best to stay safe and keep in contact with whomever you were meeting with at your final destination. Don’t be afraid to call, chat, or email TripActions’ support to help you re-book and reach your destination.

Now you’ve heard the good news! If you happen to encounter these weather problems on a business trip, TripActions has your back no matter what. When you book with us, customer support will be with you every step of the way to help you reach your destination as soon as possible.

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