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Dec 18, 2020

The Most-Read TripActions Stories of 2020

Rich Beattie

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In a normal year, we could look back at the year’s most popular content, notice some trends, get some insights, and maybe publish a fun “Top 10” list.

This was no normal year.

With the global headlines being top of mind for everyone, the content on that our readers engaged with closely followed the effects of the pandemic. It’s a list that certainly tells a story. Here are some highlights.

Kicking It Off. Sure, this year started out normally. Readers were hungry for our take on future-looking topics like these. Seems like a simpler time, doesn’t it?

Of course, no one could have predicted the pandemic that was to come—or that our innovative response to it would help us raise $125 million in convertible-to-IPO funding in June.

The Shift. Suddenly, of course, the world had a new virus vocabulary to learn—and collective challenges to tackle. Overnight, the conversation changed.

  • Insights from TripActions CEO Ariel Cohen. Readers were hungry for our thoughts on the industry...and our business. Our CEO responded with transparency and reinforced our commitment to our customers.
  • Duty of Care takes center stage. This topic has always been top of mind for TripActions, and this article about it from 2019 became newly relevant—and heavily read.

Facing the Challenge. Once we knew what we were up against, our focus turned to how best to assist our customers. Readers wanted to know our game plan, and they dove into topics on new features.

  • New features in record time. By March 17(!) we had built and launched new features for business continuity, like coronavirus reports and a city blocker tool for admins.
  • Managing unused tickets took on outsized importance, so we created a new feature that allowed admins not just to pull unused ticket reports, but to see which of them had waiver credits.

Moving the Goalposts. We’re not very good at sitting still; here were two of our initiatives that readers wanted to hear more about.

  • Ending the expense report. TripActions Liquid, our innovative take on expense management, has effectively ended the era of the expense report. How? That’s why this piece was so popular.
  • Q & A with Shaka Senghor. Hiring Shaka Senghor as our head of diversity, equality, and inclusion was a big moment for TripActions—and a popular read.

Looking Forward. What will 2021 look like?

  • With next year being extremely important for everyone in travel, we partnered with Skift to cast an eye forward. Check out the report!
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