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Jun 22, 2021

Guide: 3 Ways to Save Money with TripActions in 2021

Grant Martin

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Returning to travel post-pandemic has been front-of-mind for many finance and travel leaders: just this week, Delta’s Ed Bastian shared that over 90% of companies surveyed plan to return to the office by the end of the year. In the same survey, corporate clients suggested that 60% of business travel volume will return by September.

As programs restart, many are balancing road warriors with budgets to match an economy that’s very much still in recovery mode. And to keep costs in check, those program managers are turning to their corporate travel program partners to leverage pricing power, take advantage of cost savings tools and budget carefully.

TripActions has a variety of tools integrated directly into its all-in-one platform to help engineer cost savings directly into corporate travel and spend programs. Dynamic policy, a tool that adjusts traveler spend limits based on active market conditions, is a favorite among travel managers. And the TripActions Lodging collection, a batch of hotels with special negotiated rates available exclusively to TripActions customers, regularly provides unique discounts unavailable through other channels.

The most direct ways in which to save money in a corporate travel and spend program this year are detailed in a recent guide called 3 Ways to Save Money with TripActions in 2021. This guide dives deep into:

  • Accessing discounted inventory
  • Controlling excess spend
  • Optimizing active spend

For example: using TripActions inventory from both consumer and negotiated channels it’s possible to save up to 30% off the best available rates. It’s also possible to take advantage of direct connections built into the TripActions platform to get easy access to saver fares and continuous pricing.

This free guide from TripActions helps finance and travel managers looking to return to travel manage their budgets and build a strong foundation of cost savings as each program scales. Get the resource below.

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