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Feb 12, 2020

The TL;DR on NDC

Sarah Ramos

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For all of us in the travel industry, it’s essential to keep up with some major tech innovations that are transforming business travel this year. Case in point: NDC. TripActions is an early adopter and leading advocate of NDC, or New Distribution Capability, as it is an important part of fulfilling our mission to enhance the experience of travelers.

Thanks to NDC in combination with our partnerships with United Airlines and Lufthansa Group Airlines, we’re delighted to be able to provide the best available inventory and booking experience to TripActions travelers everywhere.

But let’s step back a moment: what exactly is NDC?

If you’re new to the world of business travel, NDC can be a little complicated to get your head around:

  • NDC provides additional content to third-party booking platforms like TripActions by connecting travelers directly to an airline’s unique product offerings
  • This connection including ancillaries, servicing, bundles, and more
  • For travelers and their managers, NDC delivers a more efficient booking process, as well as richer content for a more personalized traveler booking experience
  • A more personalized experience creates happy travelers and greater compliance with your travel program as a whole

This is transformational because employees have long had access to intuitive, highly tailored digital experiences in their personal lives but, up until recently, have been forced to struggle with clunky, antiquated booking tools for business trips. It’s unfair to expect travelers to use a tool that’s not user-friendly. NDC creates parity between business and leisure travel booking.

Modern travel booking tools like TripActions leverage NDC today in a way that is finally turning the tables, making business travel the envy of leisure travel. Travelers no longer have to check multiple sites to cross-reference rates or second-guess if they’re really getting the best deals. Instead, travelers are presented with the best possible inventory at the best possible prices, so they can find and book what they need quickly and confidently.

That’s why TripActions has championed NDC from the beginning: because it is critical to driving user adoption. We’re all about the user — all of them, all the time — and NDC empowers us to provide the best possible experience for travelers, so they are able to find flights that fit their dates, match their traveler preferences, and meet company policy guidelines.

We see NDC as an opportunity to partner with other customer-centric travel players to continue delivering an exceptional experience to all our users. For a deeper dive into NDC and what it means for corporate travel, download our latest ebook, NDC: The Basics and Beyond.

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