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Apr 20, 2021

Find Your Desk: Top Places to Work Remotely in April 2021

The TripActions Team

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Travel is on the rise, and between long-anticipated trips to visit families and reunite with colleagues, there is a growing sector of travel that blurs the line between work and pleasure.

As travel reopens, TripActions data reveals that people around the world are booking trips that last two or more weeks to enjoy the final days of remote work in a new location. Harnessing the power of the global TripActions platform, we looked into where travelers are going and how long they stay.

It’s important to remember that while travel is becoming more common by the week, there are regulations and requirements to abide by for a smooth trip. By booking leisure and bleisure trips through TripActions, users access the same 24/7 expert agents, real-time safety information, and trusted discounts as they do when traveling for business.

Discover the top destinations for remote work in North America, Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean below:

This is an infographic highlighting the top destinations to work remotely, according to TripActions data for April 2021.
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