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Feb 25, 2020

Find Relief from Travel Payment Headaches

Sarah Ramos

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Do business travel payments have you reaching for aspirin? You’re not alone — in our State of Business Travel 2020 report with Skift, 34% of corporate travel managers reported that having travelers pay for travel expenses on personal cards was a big issue.

But the way out isn’t always clear. For too long, business travel has been hindered by a forced trade off between providing an exceptional traveler experience and cost control. Companies had to choose whether to mandate frustrating business travel programs... or cross their fingers in the hopes that travelers would spend responsibly (and get blindsided when post-trip expense reports rolled in).

You and your travelers deserve better.

With TripActions Liquid, teams no longer have to sacrifice a truly great business traveler experience for total control over travel costs. TripActions Liquid is a payment ecosystem with both virtual and physical cards that seamlessly connects business travel payments with backend reconciliation.

The common travel payment headaches you have are common to many organizations. A new ebook shares how to best find relief from these challenges with TripActions Liquid. The ebook explores:

  • Inefficient business travel and travel payment management
  • The reconciliation challenges created from complexities native to travel payments
  • Enforcing travel policy without sacrificing employee experience
  • Taking control of travel payments and feeling confident in your travel program.

Download the ebook, 4 Travel Payment Headaches and How to Relieve them with TripActions Liquid, to learn how modern business travel technology can address these challenges. To learn more about TripActions Liquid, visit

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