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Jul 11, 2019

TRAVERSE 19: The Future of Business Travel, Today

The TripActions Team

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At TripActions, we believe being there in person is powerful, which is why we’re thrilled to announce the inaugural TRAVERSE Conference on October 2-3, 2019 at The Midway in San Francisco, CA. We’re bringing together industry thought leaders and travel managers, as well as hosting Captain “Sully” Sullenberger — known best for the “Miracle on the Hudson,” safely landing US Airways Flight 1549 and saving all 155 people aboard — as keynote speaker to kick off the conference.

This travel and tech festival will highlight the latest in business travel innovation for companies and their travelers. Attendees will have access to thought leadership keynote sessions, expert-led panels, workshops, and breakout sessions to gain the insights, resources, and relationships they need to be on the cutting edge of business travel.

“We’re excited to have leading finance, procurement and travel program leaders join us at TRAVERSE 19 to dive deep into the challenges—and more importantly the solutions—for dramatically improving the antiquated product, service, and experience of the $1.5T business travel industry,” said Ariel Cohen, co-founder and CEO, TripActions. “It’s time to come together to uncover the technology, insights, and best practices that will deliver a far better experience for enterprises and their travelers than the status quo and hopelessness of using the same outdated and frustrating corporate travel platforms they’ve always used.”

TRAVERSE 19 will explore critical topics for corporate travel, finance, and procurement leaders, including:

  • Megatrends affecting business travel, including globalization, consumerism, and instant gratification
  • The shifting tech stack and how the right technologies can make business travel a secret lever for growth
  • Evolving best practices in technology and customer service for leading corporate travel leaders
  • Using AI and machine learning to deliver highly personal and efficient business travel experiences
  • The future of work: How travel is transforming today’s innovative businesses by boosting growth, productivity, and employee satisfaction
  • Female voyagers: The new faces of travel, and the growing base of female business travelers
  • How to drive efficiency and automation to deliver a best-in-class travel management program
  • Achieving full visibility of travel bookings once and for all

"I'm looking forward to joining the TripActions team at TRAVERSE 19, their first industry conference, and sharing our customer journey with the community,” said Omar Ghani, Group Manager, Global Supply Management at Lyft. “Having positive business travel experiences is important to Lyft and is in line with our commitment to great ride share experiences for our customers. I look forward to learning about the latest trends affecting how we book our work trips.”

“Technology has transformed how we work together, especially how we travel for work,” said Vik Shah, Corporate Controller, Zoom Video Communications. “TRAVERSE 19 will be a great way to get all of the industry’s leaders in one place to share our collective experiences with the community. As a customer and partner of TripActions, we’re excited to share how together we manage travel challenges and create best practices for travel at Zoom."

For more information about TRAVERSE 19, check out the press release. Registration is now open and we can’t wait to see you there.

Let’s go!

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