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Aug 12, 2020

TripActions Academy: Executive Assistants Superpower Their Work with TripActions

Samantha Shankman

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Executive assistants are often the unsung heroes of corporate travel, working diligently behind the scenes to make sure travel runs smoothly for an executive, multiple executives, entire teams, and sometimes even entire organizations. These travel platform power users, who may not be road warriors themselves, still need a frictionless experience to ensure travel booking is not only easy for them personally but also for their executive. Today we’re exploring Course 10 of the TripActions Academy, which looks at the responsibilities of executive assistants and best practices for managing travel and expenses for executives.

What is the TripActions Academy? It is a free series of courses that corporate travel program administrators can take to strengthen their foundation of corporate travel and expense management skills, learn best practices, and bring new focus to their organization’s corporate T&E program. Our goal is to provide access to anyone and everyone that wants a high-level overview of corporate travel and expense fundamentals and user- and technology-first programs, policies, and tech. We released two new courses each week: One focuses on the corporate travel and expense industry and best practices at large; the second looks at how TripActions specifically can be used to supercharge your efforts.

Course 10

This course starts by looking at how the role of executive assistants has changed, especially in uncertain environments such as the past six months. We then sit down with an executive assistant to get an inside look at her role and how TripActions and its features including the COVID-19 Dashboard and the support of TripActions’ 24/7 global travel agents have made her more efficient and productive in her role.

The following sections are included in Course 10:

10.1 Today’s EA and Corporate Travel 10.2 Spotlight: Ashley from Twilio 10.3 Q&A with an Enterprise EA 10.4 Best Practices for EAs Who Manage Travel

It is essential that executive assistants take advantage of advanced, AI-powered technology to make processes like booking, reporting, and expensing as efficient and seamless as possible for business travelers and travel managers. With a trusted T&E partner like TripActions, business travelers are able to focus on being there and what they need to accomplish while there, rather than the process of getting there.

Join us today in the TripActions Academy to learn about the foundations of modern corporate travel and expense management, and get deep insight into policy, inventory, and success.

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