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Dec 2, 2020

TripActions Academy: How to Deliver on Duty of Care in Corporate Travel

Samantha Shankman

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Duty of care, or the ability of a corporate travel and expense program to maintain the safety and security of its employees, is more important than ever before. And although safety and risk management has been thrust into the spotlight with COVID-19, corporate travel programs always had a responsibility to ensure traveler safety, employee health, and the safety of non-traveling employees.

TripActions Academy Course 25: Incident Response & Duty of Care in Corporate Travel covers everything you need to know about corporate responsibilities and best practices when it comes to employee safety and duty of care.

What is the TripActions Academy? It is a free series of courses that corporate travel program managers can take to strengthen their foundation of corporate travel and expense management skills, learn best practices, and bring new focus to their organization’s corporate T&E program. The Academy’s goal is to provide access to anyone and everyone that wants a high-level overview of corporate travel and expense fundamentals and user- and technology-first programs, policies, and tech.

**Course 25: Incident Response & Duty of Care in Corporate Travel **

TripActions Academy Course 25: Incident Response & Duty of Care in Corporate Travel starts by exploring the three main areas where duty of care has a role. It also highlights incident response and the responsibility that travel teams have to stay abreast of global events that could affect employee travel.. To do this effectively, travel and safety teams often work with third party companies to ensure they are kept up to speed of all incidents that happen around the world. The course covers the best tools to employ as well as metrics and best practices to use to determine whether your corporate travel program is prepared… before an incident occurs.

The TripActions team built products specifically to handle the complications that came with the global travel shutdown in March 2020. These tools, however, can be used throughout the year to keep track of travelers, communicate with them immediately, and ensure your company is providing the highest level of duty of care possible.

The following sections are included in Course 25:

  • How Duty of Care Plays a Role in Corporate Travel
  • Incident Response and Corporate Travel Duty of Care
  • Best Practices for Admins Managing Incidents on Corporate Travel Platforms
  • How TripActions Handles Incident Response

Unlike traditional corporate travel solutions, TripActions is the only complete, end-to-end global travel, payments and expense management solution. The comprehensive, unified global platform includes online booking, 24/7 365 expert travel agents, robust global inventory, and payments and expenses.

By putting users front and center in its product, TripActions creates a better user experience, which ultimately drives platform adoption. With adoption high, finance and travel leaders gain the spend visibility, control, data and insights they need to optimize their programs and policies for employee experience and cost savings. They also have access to the real-time data and traveler information they need to deliver on the highest level of duty of care.

Join us today for free in the TripActions Academy to learn about the foundations of modern corporate travel and expense management, and get deep insight into policy, inventory, and success.

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