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Oct 19, 2020

TripActions Academy: Strategies for Unused Tickets & Waivers

Samantha Shankman

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COVID-19 forced many organizations around the world to dial back on travel. Through the TripActions Community, our Travel Manager Office Hours, and Customer Advisory Board, we heard loud and clear that travel leaders needed help managing their unused tickets and applying waivers for bookings when travel resumes. They needed a tool that would help them effectively control costs and save money as business travel resumes.

Within days, TripActions enhanced the unused ticket process by automating it and building it directly into the booking flow. This innovation makes it easier for travelers, executive assistants and others to book travel with unused airline tickets while ensuring all applicable waivers are automatically applied. Outside of TripActions customers, managing cancelled tickets remains a challenge that countless organizations still face today. With Course 20: Strategies for Unused Tickets & Waivers, we’re reviewing the strategies that will ensure no money is left on the table and organizations can emerge stronger than ever before.

What is the TripActions Academy? It is a free series of courses that corporate travel program managers can take to strengthen their foundation of corporate travel and expense management skills, learn best practices, and bring new focus to their organization’s corporate T&E program. Our goal is to provide access to anyone and everyone that wants a high-level overview of corporate travel and expense fundamentals and user- and technology-first programs, policies, and tech.

Course 20: Strategies for Unused Tickets & Waivers

TripActions Academy Course 20: Strategies for Unused Tickets & Waivers starts by exploring what happened starting in March 2020 and why organizations and TMCs were so unprepared for dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of cancelled trips. We then dive into how we solved this problem for TripActions users by giving them the tools and knowledge they needed to save money and track what was happening in real time. Next we review the Unused Ticket Report, which we’ve heard has become an invaluable asset for travel managers and finance leaders throughout the past 8 months. Because unused tickets weren’t the only challenge presented by COVID-19, we’ll also help you understand what other resources are available to help you get back to business and business travel today.

The following sections are included in Course 20:

  • The 2020 Landscape for Unused Tickets & Waivers in Corporate Travel
  • Unused Ticket & Waiver Automation at TripActions
  • A Guide to the TripActions Unused Tickets Report
  • Why Unused Tickets Matter to Getting Back to Business
  • The Business Travel Updates that Finance Professionals Need
  • Open for Business Podcast: Navigating Unused Tickets & Waivers

For more on automating unused tickets and waivers to compliment the TripActions Academy course, listen to the Open for Business podcast episode that discusses the unused ticket and waiver dilemma and resulting solutions.

Unlike traditional corporate travel solutions, TripActions is the only complete, end-to-end global travel, payments and expense management solution. The comprehensive, unified global platform includes online booking, 24/7 365 expert travel agents, and payments and expenses.

By putting users front and center in its product, TripActions creates a better user experience, which ultimately drives platform adoption. With adoption high, finance and travel leaders gain the spend visibility, control, data and insights they need to optimize their programs and policies for employee experience and cost savings. And the platform is so good, you’ll want to book your personal travel on TripActions too.

Join us today in the TripActions Academy to learn about the foundations of modern corporate travel and expense management, and get deep insight into policy, inventory, and success.

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