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Oct 5, 2020

TripActions Academy: Turning Loyalty into Adoption for Corporate Travel Platforms

Samantha Shankman

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Loyalty plays a big role in how road warriors make decisions. Corporate travel platforms must ensure that road warriors and their loyalty needs are addressed from top to bottom, because without that consideration, satisfaction and adoption in the platform can quickly erode.

With Course 18 of the TripActions Academy, we’ll dive deep into the effect of loyalty on online booking and the traveler’s journey, and how corporate travel platforms play a role in this balance to ultimately drive satisfaction and adoption.

What is the TripActions Academy? It is a free series of courses that corporate travel program managers can take to strengthen their foundation of corporate travel and expense management skills, learn best practices, and bring new focus to their organization’s corporate T&E program. Our goal is to provide access to anyone and everyone that wants a high-level overview of corporate travel and expense fundamentals and user- and technology-first programs, policies, and tech.

Course 18

TripActions Academy Course 18 starts by highlighting the importance of loyalty programs to business travelers. It is often seen as the primary perk of frequent work travel. Therefore, corporate travel programs must be willing to adapt to the changes of loyalty programs from a search and inventory perspective. At TripActions, special care has been taken to deliver search results that factor in a traverler’s profile, loyalty preferences, past booking habits and company policy. Bringing loyalty considerations to the surface in particular helps enhance the booking experience and drives satisfaction up, a process that increases adoption resulting in improved program visibility for finance and travel leaders. In the end, travelers, travel managers and finance leaders all win by making loyalty part of the equation.

The following sections are included in Course 18:

  • 18.1 Road Warriors and Loyalty
  • 18.2 How Loyalty is Changing
  • 18.3 How Loyalty Plays a Role in Corporate Travel Platforms
  • 18.4 The Future of Loyalty in Business Travel

Unlike traditional corporate travel solutions, TripActions is the only complete, end-to-end global travel, payments & expense management solution. The comprehensive, unified global platform includes online booking, 24/7 365 expert travel agents, and payments and expenses.

By putting users front and center in its product, TripActions creates a better user experience, which ultimately drives platform adoption. With adoption high, finance leaders gain the spend visibility, control, data and insights they need to optimize their programs and policies for employee experience and cost savings.

Join us today in the TripActions Academy to learn about the foundations of modern corporate travel and expense management, and get deep insight into policy, inventory, and success.

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