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Jan 13, 2020

Celebrating #Get To Know Your Customers Day

Sarah Ramos

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January 16, 2020 is #GetToKnowYourCustomersDay and to celebrate, we’re giving some love to TripActions customers all over the world. TripActions works with more than 3,000 enterprises including Pinterest, Stella & Dot, and SurveyMonkey. We sat down with a cross-section of these customers to learn more about them and how they’ve partnered with TripActions to grow their businesses.


As a publicly traded ridesharing company, Lyft needed a partner in corporate travel to help reign in unwieldy T&E and be able to seize travel as a strategic lever for growth.

Omar Ghani, Group Manager for Procurement Operations at Lyft, is tasked to optimize transparency, compliance, and flexibility across the company. T&E is a big part of that, which is why he’s always looking for innovative solutions and partners that align with Lyft’s culture and goals.

"We selected TripActions for several reasons: customer service capabilities, flexible accommodations for an organization’s unique set of travel policies, and its user-first experience, which leads to high adoption rates — and savings!” Omar said.


At TripActions, we’re laser focused on delivering a stellar experience to all users, travelers and managers alike. As a Director of Enterprise Sales for Looker, Mike Ramirez is a TripActions power user since he’s almost always on the road for work.

Prior to TripActions, Mike’s tight schedule made minor inconveniences a huge deal. Mike would have to choose between staying in the meeting, session, or event that he traveled for and risk not being able to book a new flight, add another hotel room, or change his travel in any way. Now with TripActions, Mike has peace of mind knowing TripActions support has his back.

“I love being able to pop open the TripActions chat feature,” said Mike Ramirez, Director of Enterprise Sales. “All I need to do is let the agent know that I’m in a meeting, but my flight was cancelled and I desperately need to get home tonight — they have saved me countless times.”

With TripActions, Mike and the rest of Looker’s road warriors have the peace of mind that they’re taken care of when they travel for work while also saving time booking and earning incentives for saving the company money.


SendBird, a white-label chat API for mobile apps and websites, was in need of a travel management solution that integrated seamlessly with their existing accounting and finance functions. SendBIrd enlisted TripActions to better manage their travel spend and plan proactively.

“TripActions helps SendBird leverage travel as a strategic lever for our growth because it enables us to be in front of customers more, which ultimately is our goal,” said Rich Wodehouse, Director of Sales for North America at SendBird.


Andela connects talented software engineers with work opportunities around the globe, an operation that requires a significant amount of travel booking and managing. Strong, reliable international travel support is critical to Andela’s business operations, but it wasn’t something travel managers had before bringing on TripActions.

Many of Andela’s software engineers were first-time international travelers, which made the intuitive, easy-to-use TripActions booking platform so enticing. TripActions’ extensive inventory and options significantly cut down on costs because Andela’s travelers had access to the best available inventory. Plus, travelers are never charged additional fees for booking certain flights or for reaching out to support for help.

"TripActions gives me peace of mind that my engineers — whether they're in a different time zone or I'm sleeping — are able to get the right type of support for wherever they're going to be traveling to,” explained Gloria Ampofo, Travel Coordinator at Andela.

Check out our customer pages to learn more about these companies and the 3,000+ others TripActions serves. Our customers have been leaving rave reviews of the TripActions product on G2 and we recently ranked #1 in the travel management software market. Download the report to learn more.

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