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Oct 11, 2019

TripActions Celebrates World Food Day

Samantha Shankman

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Coming Together Around the Table

We believe being there in person is powerful and the best meetings that build relationships, close deals, and drive growth take place around the table.

As only the late Anthony Bourdain could say so well, "Meals make the society, hold the fabric together in lots of ways that were charming and interesting and intoxicating to me. The perfect meal, or the best meals, occur in a context that frequently has very little to do with the food itself."

The Meal That Makes It Worth It

After catching the flight, hopping on the train, and checking into the hotel, there comes the moment when the business traveler sits down surrounded by colleagues or clients to discuss the creative, entrepreneurial, financial or strategic issue at hand. As the plates appear, the conversation intensifies, personal connections are made, and solutions appear. Work turns into play by the time the check arrives. This is what makes business travel worth it.

During last week’s #TravelSkills Twitter Chat, Johnny Jet and Chris McGinnis joined TripActions to talk about living our best lives as frequent travelers. Everyone that joined us on Twitter agreed that sharing a meal with colleagues and co-workers is one of the most pleasurable parts of business travel.

Food is also an important consideration in business travel. It can affect which airport or airline a frequent traveler chooses, how well a meeting with new colleagues go, how energized conference attendees are, and whether a road warrior extends their business trip to explore the cuisine in a certain destination.

But what we often overlook is that it is a privilege to taste and try diverse meals and snacks in stunning settings alongside our smart colleagues and customers.

Why World Food Day Matters

Which is why we’re taking a moment to pause and recognize the power and importance of access to good food. World Food Day is celebrated every year around the world on October 16 in honor of the 1945 founding of the UN Food and Agriculture Organization, which promotes worldwide awareness and action for those who suffer from hunger and for the need to ensure healthy diets for all.

The organization urges people to eat local and seasonal, which is not only better for the environment but expands our perspectives about the climate, land, and culture in a new country. No matter what kind of business we run or work for, we can be conscious of our food choices and how those impact our communities.

Diverse Fares From Around the World

This World Food Day we’re reflecting on the best meals that we’ve had on the road, and how we can practice sustainable choices that support a global food system.

Nadia Hussain, product marketing manager at TripActions, said, “One of the best meals that I had on a business trip was Georgian food in New York City, specifically the adjaruli kachapuri which later inspired my travels to Georgia. This is also why I love traveling to New York City -- always get to try something new.”

Jamel Markx, customer marketing manager at TripActions, said the best meal that he’s ever enjoyed on a business trip took place at Peg Leg Porker in Nashville, Tennessee. There were smoked ribs, smoked chicken wings, pulled pork nachos, baked beans, and mac n cheese.

Colby Foss, marketing manager for APAC at TripActions, has a bucket list of where she’d love to go for business… and dinner. “I would love to go to Japan - sushi sushi sushi sushi! Plus, I’m dying to get to the mountains for some ski action,” she said.

TripActions is the modern business travel platform that empowers enterprises and their road warriors to seize travel as a strategic lever for culture, growth, and great meals shared with colleagues around the world.

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