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Nov 16, 2020

TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg on the Must-Have Components of Modern Corporate Travel & Expense Tools

The TripActions Team

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What does the future of corporate travel and expense look like? It begins with transparency around issues important to both travel managers and travelers – issues like assessing the carbon impact of a single trip, and enhanced duty of care via traveler tracking.

These were just two of the tools on which TripActions CMO Meagen Eisenberg focused in her recent interview with Website Planet, an online resource for building websites. In the interview, Meagen zooms in on these important features that TripActions employs to illustrate the imperative factors that companies should consider when selecting a modern travel and expense (T&E) solution.

Right now, many companies that manage corporate travel and expense use solutions that are out of date or independent and incompatible with each other. That last-generation technology, however, creates increasing liabilities as travelers and connected global economies continue to evolve.

It’s now essential, for example, to actively track and manage travelers. After all, everyone is connected and corporate travel software has the capability to maintain an active database of employees and locations. Integrating expense and travel technology into a unified solution, too, is a logical step that many can easily take to streamline workflows and cut down on bureaucracy.

Components of a Modern Travel and Expense Solution

In the interview and blog post, Meagen goes into depth on which components should be on everyone’s must-have list when considering a new corporate travel and expense program. Her suggestions include:

  • Powerful booking capabilities: Modern, AI-powered tools to surface results relevant to each traveler’s preferences and loyalty. Intelligent management controls to empower executive assistants and other delegates to easily book for multiple travelers within the platform.
  • Live traveler map: An interactive map on the back end of TripActions allows admins to quickly and easily get in touch with travelers and manage itineraries.
  • Business Travel Continuity™ tools: A new suite of features TripActions built this year allows for companies using the platform to monitor and enhance their travel as a function of worldwide disruptions.
  • Centralized billing and billback: International companies can also benefit from the TripActions admin tools to better manage how travel is financed.
  • Powerful, modern analytics: While most managed T&E programs provide the ability to download and analyze traveler data and spend, none provide the depth of insight and ability to manage data in the way that TripActions does.
  • Comprehensive, technology-backed support: A powerful technology platform called TravelXen helps support agents at TripActions provide next-level service to travelers on the road through email, phone, or chat and on mobile or web.
  • Carbon impact program: Launched in 2019, the carbon impact program at TripActions helps users understand the environmental impact of each journey and manage any potential offset.

Read the full interview with Meagen Eisenberg at Website Planet.

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