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Mar 10, 2021

TripActions CMO Shares Insights with “Future of BizTech” Podcast

Samantha Shankman

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TripActions Chief Marketing Officer Meagen Eisenberg recently joined The Future of BizTech Podcast to talk about the future of TripActions, TripActions LiquidTM, and business travel trends. The conversation touched on the tectonic shifts surrounding how we work and what TripActions is building to help its customers adapt to this new world.

“We actually think people will end up traveling more. If you don’t have everyone in the office working together, day in and day out bonding around the water cooler and innovating, you’re going to need to communicate more than ever, align objectives, and bring people together in person,” she explained.

Podcast host J.C. Granger, CEO of Infinity Marketing Group, highlighted how Meagen’s marketing team shifted gears from live, in-person events to digital content, community, and education to stay engaged with customers and prospects throughout 2020.

“Your team got really creative to figure out how to survive through an event that, essentially, transformed your industry,” said Granger. “Marketing has to change when you get a drastic event that changes the market or the ability to do what you do. Your team did a fantastic job at pivoting.”

Meagen also highlighted some of the trending issues that will continue to impact businesses in the coming months and years, including a higher prioritization on Meetings & Events (M&E), duty of care, corporations’ heightened commitment to sustainability, and the need for modern spend management tools for distributed teams.

“The second largest spend at most companies is T&E, and 70% of that tends to be travel, but there’s a 30% of spend that’s not. Think about everyone setting up their at-home offices, buying software, marketing spend, digital paid search—you can do all of that on a corporate card and it’s much easier to run expenses and do reconciliation,” said Meagen. “It accelerated TripActions Liquid greatly this year, because all of our remote and at-home workers need to be able to do payments and expensing.”

Listen to the full episode here.

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