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Nov 20, 2019

TripActions Donations Launches in Australia

Naomi Francis

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TripActions Donations Launches in Australia

With the holiday season approaching, mindsets around the world turn to giving -- to both our loved ones and the community. However, time can be a paralysing factor in getting prepared for the holidays -- particularly for business travellers. At TripActions, we believe that travel should add to our lives rather than keep us from them, so today we’re launching a new feature that helps travellers and companies give back to their communities.

We’re excited to announce that TripActions Donations is now available to our Australian customers. Through encouraging travellers to book cost consciously using our ‘price to beat’ feature for hotels and cars, they will accrue savings which can then be donated to the company’s charity of choice.

Whether it’s benefitting Australia’s furry friends or offsetting carbon impact, TripActions customers can now help make the world a better place through business travel.

What is TripActions Donations?

TripActions Donations is an evolution of our TripActions Rewards Program, where employees are incentivised to spend cost consciously and encouraged to think of company money like it’s their own.

We strive to find new ways to help our customers save money by rewarding travellers who book smart. Our hope with TripActions Donations is that we’ll create a win-win-win situation for all -- where travellers win with a great booking experience, companies win with increased visibility and savings, and the community wins with greater support of those in need.

How does TripActions Donations work?

We’ve found that because traditional travel policies put a cap on hotel rates, travellers tend to book as close to that rate cap as they can to ensure they get the best hotel.

At TripActions, we introduced the ‘Price to Beat’ functionality that’s unique to our platform and determines the fair market value for every single booking. Using dynamic pricing, we aggregate all possible inventory, according to time of year and location, to find a median rate (the ‘price to beat’).

Instead of accruing points, as travellers do with TripActions Rewards, travellers are attributed a savings number based on ‘Price to Beat’. This savings number can then be donated to their company's charity on a monthly basis.

We hope this system acts as positive reinforcement that not only delivers an advantageous booking experience for travellers, but also promotes better booking behaviour - ultimately saving their company money and making their community a better place.

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