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Feb 20, 2020

The Flight Crew Series: Fiamma on Finding Home in NYC

Samantha Shankman

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Welcome to The Flight Crew Series where we sit down with our team members around the world to get to know them better. We talk about the careers that led them to TripActions, what their roles look like on a daily basis, why they believe in their teams, and even their favorite travel memory. The participants were selected by their peers for the incredible work, team spirit, and how they embodyTripActions values.

This week we talked with Fiamma Jean-Baptiste who is a senior manager of training and enablement for the East. As the first Enablement hire for the East she is helping build the growing enablement operation which has expanded from two to eleven people since Fiamma joined in June 2019.

Sales training and enablement is a critical part of building a high-growth software company. It is the connection between marketing and sales and the glue that helps a high-level sales team operate effectively and intelligently.

For those unfamiliar, Fiamma eloquently explains her role: “Sales enablement provides sales teams with the tools and training needed to do their job effectively. It can come in various different aspects. There's a training aspect where you develop and write training to deliver based on the needs you've identified, either proactively or retroactively. It could also be building out processes, tools, and systems that make their jobs easier. I'm a sales training person. When there is a skills gap, or we have a new product or a new process that the team needs to understand, I help train the team on that.”

A New Start at TripActions

Prior to TripActions, Fiamma spent one year at Oracle and the previous 10 years at T-Mobile. Each provided a different experience and the foundation that led her here. Here, Fiamma explains her career path in greater detail.

“At T-Mobile, I held various different roles as a salesperson, sales manager, and eventually sales training and enablement. T-Mobile raised me as a professional. We had an incredible culture there. What brought me to TripActions, actually, is being at Oracle for a year. It made me realize how important culture was to me. While Oracle had a culture of their own, it was very different than what I grew to love while working at a company that was maturing at the time. So, I sought out another opportunity that had a similar atmosphere and was growing quickly to see if I could find a culture I could add to again.”

Fiamma moved to New York for her role, which meant entering a new industry, new company, and new city all the same time. The people she met made all the difference in that transition.

“I found a really, really welcoming company. The people that I work with immediately embraced me and welcomed me with open arms. It makes you want to work hard so you can support the people you work with. Those people that you develop strong relationships with are the ones that help you especially with such a fast-growing company. We call it ‘building a plane while flying.’ It really is building a plane while flying with the people that you build these relationships with. It makes it so much easier to overcome some of the challenges we face.”

The TripActions New York office has a reputation for welcoming in new and visiting colleagues as if they are their own -- and sharing their high energy and intense work ethic from the start of the day.

“Walking into this office, you feel the energy...immediately! You could be having a terrible morning that has gone completely wrong, but as soon as you walk into this office, it's buzzing with life and energy. I've never had that feeling going into any of the other offices where it hits you immediately. This team wants to see each other win. I've never experienced this in my career. There’s a selfless cheering on of peers. It's incredible,” says Fiamma.

Beyond Work to Build Community

Fiamma goes above and beyond for the office as part of Belong, the TripActions Diversity and Inclusion Employee Resource Group, and the NY Culture Committee.

“Belong was spearheaded by two individuals in San Francisco and Palo Alto to champion underrepresented minorities at TripActions. They created the D&I group so we can have a voice and educate team members on how diversity and inclusion can better enhance an organization’s culture,” explains Fiamma who in partnership with the NYC D&I team will host a Q&A with Brittany Hardin, Global Technical Trainer at MiQ and Founder of Currency Shift. Hardin will speak about her experience being a black woman in tech and how she's been able to build a successful career in sales.

TripActions walks the talk and provides each employee with a $2,000 travel stipend each year. Fiamma used hers to accomplish a dream on an adventure.

“I took a solo trip to Thailand. Traveling is my favorite thing to do. If I could spend money on nothing but traveling then that’s where all my funds would go. The motivation for the trip actually started with my 30th birthday when I wanted to visit Seychelles or Thailand. But I also wanted to spend that birthday with the people who were most important to me — my closest friends and mom — and those two places weren’t feasible. I decided to go to Bali with them instead . So this year I wanted to take a trip that was based on me. This was my opportunity to Thailand with TripActions providing the $2,000 stipend. It made perfect sense for me to spend that on some me time. It was an incredible experience and probably one of the most rewarding things I've done on my own.”

Speaking of TripActions, Fiamma was on her way home from SKO earlier this month when a travel disruption reminded her again why she believes in the product so much.

“I've experienced other travel tools and hated them. I am the customer that TripActions serves. The others were incredibly hard to use, annoying, and not user-friendly. We're doing something so transformational and so innovative. It’s really exciting to see where we are in a year.

Our support team has it figured out. They are truly incredible and my favorite part of booking with TripActions. No matter how organized you may be with your travel plans, sometimes things happen and our support team is so incredibly on it. They remove the pain and the frustrations of having to figure things out on your own.”

The #1 Value

Of the six values that build TripActions culture, Fiamma says that “all about the user, all of them” is most aligned with her experience at TripActions.

“This one sticks out to me, because so much of my role is dependent on my users, which are the sales team. It doesn't matter what my agenda is or what I want to accomplish because, at the end of the day, if I'm not making it all about them, I am not successful. ‘All about the user, all of them’ is incredibly important to me not just for TripActions, and our product, but also for me personally as an enablement professional. Being all about the user is what helps our teams grow."

At TripActions, our users are not only our customers. They are our partners, suppliers, employees and candidates.

We are always looking for new members of our flight crew. Career opportunities across our ten offices are listed on our Careers Page. We’re currently hiring for dozens of positions in every department. Take a look -- we’d love to have you.

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