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Apr 18, 2020

TripActions: Here Today, Tomorrow and Long Into the Future

The TripActions Team

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We recently received email forwards from customers where competitors have falsely claimed that TripActions is “unfortunately no longer in business.” We’ve also heard that competitors are similarly lying to prospects and investors alike, stating that TripActions has “pulled out of Europe” and “left the Asia Pacific market." Rest assured, TripActions will be here long into the future to serve our 4,000+ customers around the world with a continued local presence, offices and employees in EMEA, APAC and North America.

This is no doubt a difficult time for every organization around the world, but especially those whose livelihoods are in travel. It’s difficult times like these that reveal the true character of leaders, organizations and their culture. It’s been especially disappointing to see the lack of integrity across so many of the legacy TMCs.

“The reality is that these TMCs are making false claims out of fear. Like many of their customers, they’ve realized that their technology is outdated and antiquated. Their tools, built decades ago, have not kept pace with industry innovation or the needs of their customers,” noted TripActions Co-founder & CEO Ariel Cohen. “The vast majority of them do not provide the real-time data and insights needed to make business and travel policy decisions, nor do they provide flexible tools that empower leaders to implement those decisions in-the-moment as situations rapidly evolve like we’ve seen with COVID-19.

“Simply put, most legacy TMCs don’t offer modern, cloud-based technology and their organizations are not agile enough to respond to changing market conditions or their customers’ needs. This is a difficult place for them to be, especially in these difficult times,” he added.

At TripActions, we’re focused on our north star: Our customers and their success. Over the last four years, we’ve built what we believe is the best cloud-based corporate travel and expense management technology paired with the best travel agency service to serve organizations and their travelers as their trusted partner.

We operate with an open and transparent approach, not just because it is the right way to do business, but also because it drives the ultimate win-win-win across the industry—a win for travelers who feel taken care of while traveling, a win for their organizations who get spend visibility and control, and a win for partners and suppliers who benefit from increased exposure to and business from our growing global customer base.

This is simply in our DNA. As is maniacally focusing on our users and solving their pain points so when business travel does resume they can focus on being there, not the process of getting there. We’re proud to drive industry-leading, rapid innovation for our customers, giving them the tools they need to protect their traveling employees, control costs and save money to get through this crisis, together.

Yes our customers can continue to expect us to be competitive, even aggressive in the marketplace—to challenge the status quo, constantly raise the bar, and continually realign our business to ensure we are best positioned to compete to win. We intend to emerge from this crisis stronger than ever.

We look forward to when we can all get back to business travel, safely. We at TripActions are here to help.

And if you receive the below email or hear from competitors that tell you TripActions is closed for business, pulling out of Europe or leaving the Asian market, rest assured it isn’t true.

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