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Oct 11, 2019

TripActions Joins #TravelSkills Twitter Chat

Samantha Shankman

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Business travel is an incredibly rewarding and productive part of growing a company and career, but it can get rough being away from home and dealing with frustrating, outdated booking tools.

The weekly #TravelSkills chat on Twitter provides an opportunity to brush up on road warrior know-how such as insider scoops on the best promotions, finding the best deals, and nabbing the best hotel room. It’s also a great place to catch up on the week’s biggest travel news stories, share travel photos and experiences, and build a Twitter following for further connections.

Chris McGinnis, travel columnist and TravelSkills founder, and Johnny Jet, one of Forbes‘ top 10 travel influencers, moderate the weekly #TravelSkills chat. TripActions was thrilled to join them last week as co-host and sponsor to talk about living our best lives as frequent travelers.

The conversation covered favorite business travel destinations, advice for a first-time business traveler, tips to minimize jetlag and master packing, the best business travel apps, work-life balance, and much more.

Johnny was tweeting from Los Angeles, Chris from San Francisco, and the TripActions team from Palo Alto and London. The #TravelSkills community also joined from New York, Tel Aviv, Dallas, Austin, Seattle, Chicago, and more.

The TravelSkills team asked the most pressing questions that road warriors consider in living their best lives. Read on for the top tweets from the conversation:

Q - Which business travel destination could you visit over and over again? Why?

Q - Where are you now?

Q - What tips or advice would you offer someone going on their first business trip?

Q - How do you cope with jetlag or sleep issues when traveling?

Q - What apps and tools do you use to help keep your trips organized and streamlined?

Q - What’s most important to you when booking your trips: Price? Loyalty? Experience? Why?

Q - How do you (our should you) balance family life with frequent travel?

Q - What are your top packing tips for people who are constantly on the go?

Q - How do you save money when booking airfare, hotels and car rentals for business travel?

Q - What’s the best part about frequent travel?

Q - Share a photo of you on a business trip or at your favorite business travel destination!

In addition to the powerful in-person connections forged, building a sense of community is an important part of living your best life as a frequent traveler. Frequent flyers can share insider tips and insights to make the most of their business trips and feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Follow TripActions on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram and yes, even TikTok, to keep in touch with your community of fellow road warriors wherever you go.

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