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Aug 22, 2019

TripActions Leads G2 Corporate Travel Rankings

The TripActions Team

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The numbers are in. TripActions is a leader within the corporate travel management industry when compared to almost 20 peers in the space, according to the summer report from software reviews site G2.

According to G2’s Grid, which maps out high performing travel management companies, TripActions leads the pack in terms of high satisfaction and a robust market presence.

G2 calculates its Grid rankings based on a variety of factors which include Ease of Use, Ease of Setup, Quality of Support, and Ease of Administration. Among those, TripActions received at least 93 percent rankings across all categories — pacing the 93 percent customer satisfaction score we measure internally. For TripActions, a high customer satisfaction score is closely tied to a number of key metrics, including strong employee adoption, low leakage, and an overall better-managed operation.

The sheer volume of reviews that travelers write in support of TripActions is a major factor in its G2 ranking. More than 1,150 users have provided feedback on the TripActions experiences -- more than any other travel platform as of writing.

The feedback constantly calls out the company’s attention to detail within the corporate travel planning, booking and reporting stages.

“My favorite part is the rewards that employees receive for helping their company save money. TripActions searches most travel sites so I don’t have to waste time comparing,” writes G2 user Andy. TripActions incentivizes users to save company money through exclusive deals, rewards, and more.

“The software itself is great and easy to use, but my favorite thing by far is the support team. I needed to rebook a flight twice due to inclement weather and the support team took care of everything for me. They contacted the airline, and informed me what the options for changing my flight via chat or email. I could continue my work day instead of taking time to wait on hold and deal with the frustration of changing a flight last minute. They made it stress-free,” writes G2 respondent Jackie.

The 24/7 support that TripActions provides our customers is a bedrock of our platform. We provide a true “agent in your pocket” experience to every single traveler on our platform, on every single trip. We make travel a perk, not a chore through creating a fundamental shift in how companies approach business travel.

G2 provides a critical feedback loop for TripActions as it continues to iterate and maintain a next-generation, world-class travel experience. As part of that, any G2 review that describes a user’s experience as less than perfect is scrutinized by our team to evaluate gaps and adjust accordingly. When possible, reviewers are engaged directly so the team can learn more about their user experience and identify opportunities for improvement.

The ultimate mission at TripActions is to create a delightful customer experience, drive innovation, challenge industry norms, and deliver a platform that is as enjoyable as it is efficient. We look to reviews like these at G2 as validation that our ongoing product innovation is on the right track. Happy, productive business travelers lead to better outcomes for everyone.

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