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Dec 13, 2021

Video: How a COO Uses TripActions Liquid to Navigate London

Rich Beattie

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When it comes to expense management, TripActions Liquid is a game-changer. But what exactly has this innovative solution changed for its customers?

For Red Cat Holdings—a drone technology company with offices all over the globe—quite a lot. As a publicly traded company, Red Cat can’t afford to take any chances with its expense management process. But it’s learned that with the right solution, it doesn’t have to trade efficiency for accuracy.

To learn more about the results customers are seeing with TripActions Liquid, we tagged along with Red Cat’s COO, Allan Evans, on his business trip—which he booked on the TripActions travel platform—to London. He and a colleague use their TripActions Liquid cards to buy train tickets, beverages, and software licenses. But beyond swiping credit cards, this is a first-hand look at exactly how TripActions Liquid is eliminating the traditional expense report. Watch the video series now!

You’ll see that the process of saving receipts—only to submit them to finance days or weeks after a trip—is a thing of the past. Allan and his colleague tap and swipe their way through London without having to keep track of small pieces of paper.

Even more magic happens on TripActions’ back end, beginning with policy. Allan talks about how he worked with his finance team to customize policy at a granular level—and how, since policy comes built into the platform, it prevents out-of-policy spending from happening in the first place.

You’ll also hear how TripActions Liquid automatically categorizes the purchases Allan makes and immediately sends them to the finance team. As a result, that team gets complete visibility into spend across the company in real time, giving them a holistic view of current spending.

When it comes to reconciliation, you’ll hear the dramatic time savings Red Cat has realized since implementing TripActions Liquid, and how easy it is to do the tracking and reporting they need as a public company. Plus, since TripActions Liquid accommodates GBP and EUR as well as USD, it allows for the cross-border transactions a global company requires.

Watch this video series now and hear about the transformation that TripActions Liquid has brought to Red Cat Holdings.

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