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Apr 2, 2020

How TripActions Liquid™ Helps in an Age of WFH

Sarah Ramos

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Now more than ever, with constantly changing conditions in uncharted waters, organizations are scrambling to control costs and increase visibility into spend. When it comes to business travel, this means tightening travel policy and searching for savings.

For companies looking to manage corporate travel more efficiently amidst a leaner economic landscape, TripActions Liquid™ offers a payments solution featuring virtual and physical cards that enables companies to gain holistic, real-time control and visibility over spend, even if travel budgets have been reduced or flat-out frozen.

To adjust to the current market climate, TripActions Liquid is currently waiving all fees, with a competitive rebate back on all USD spend through TripActions Liquid.

TripActions Liquid cards are typically trip-enabled, meaning they are only usable when the employee is traveling, but in times of unprecedented remote work, companies can opt to turn cards on and off at any time, increasing or restricting employee access to funds instantly for other types of spend like meals, hardware, software subscriptions, and more.

Here’s more on how TripActions Liquid can help during times of reduced business travel and an age of working from home.

Instant Policy Adjustments

TripActions Liquid offers the flexible policy tools critical to organizations in times of rapidly changing conditions. It can be challenging to quickly and accurately communicate updates to things like business travel policy and expense limitations when employees are inundated with information coming at them from all sides. TripActions Liquid enables you to implement policy controls quickly across your organization.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve seen organizations make rapid and never-before-seen changes to company policies to enable a temporarily remote workforce. For some companies, this means allowing employees to expense daily meals that they would have otherwise had access to at the office.

This can be uncharted territory for most organizations, but with TripActions Liquid, companies have the freedom to update and change payment strategies on-the-fly.

If a $20 work-from-home per diem proves to be too conservative, TripActions Liquid admins can go in and toggle per diems for certain groups or the entire organization. Employees can quickly and easily see these updates right in their TripActions Liquid app. They can rest assured that the most up-to-date information is available to them and learn all the benefits of their TripActions Liquid card, even if they’ve never used it for travel. When travelers do begin traveling again, admins have the flexibility to limit card use to business travel, or continue allowing employees to make approved purchases based on changes to company policy.

TripActions Liquid also offers admins recourse tools so it’s easier than ever to trust employees with a corporate card. Employees are notified if their admin has not approved a purchase and given options to remedy the payment.

Facilitating Safety and Well-being of Travelers

If employees need to urgently travel back to their home office due to unforeseen circumstances, they can use either their virtual or physical cards to take care of the payment and won’t have to front the cost on their personal credit card. With TripActions Liquid, make floating the cost of business travel the least of your employees’ concerns.

Leveraging integrated location data, companies can understand and provide duty of care for employees based on where they are using their TripActions Liquid cards. In an ever-changing world where duty of care is no longer optional, TripActions Liquid amplifies the value that TripActions delivers beyond just booking travel.

TripActions is committed to providing our customers with the tools and services they need to manage corporate travel and take care of their employees. With a culture of innovation and agility, TripActions is uniquely positioned to respond effectively to changing conditions.

It’s time to revisit and rebuild the way your company manages travel payments and travel spend. Schedule a demo with TripActions today.

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