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Sep 11, 2020

Open for Business Podcast: A New Era for Modern Enterprise T&E Management

Samantha Shankman

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TripActions Enterprise Edition marks the start of a new era of modern enterprise T&E management. Two years in the making, TripActions Enterprise Edition gives enterprise leaders a comprehensive, unified T&E solution combining the best online booking experience, robust global inventory, expert 24/7 365 TMC travel agents, and modern payments and expense tech — all from a single, trusted partner.

But why now?

Current events call for organizations to be increasingly agile, flexible and focused on employee safety while lowering costs. Since the onset of COVID-19, nearly 500 organizations have made the switch to modern T&E management with TripActions. The move across organizations large and small comes after many found themselves unprepared for COVID-19 as a result of the limitations of their existing, antiquated travel management company and tools.

These enterprises recognize the mission-critical importance of working with a trusted T&E partner who delivers real-time data and insights, paired with flexible, scalable travel and expense management technology and a full service global TMC — all to protect travelers and control costs on the path to business recovery.

TripActions Enterprise Edition is available now for organizations looking to improve traveler satisfaction and productivity, drive safety and compliance, and make their T&E program efficient and cost effective — call to deliver a robust global corporate travel program.

We sat down with TripActions CRO Carlos Delatorre and Chief Travel Officer Danny Finkel to explore the who, what, and why of TripActions Enterprise Edition in the most recent episode of Open for Business.

In this episode of Open for Business, we explore:

  • The most pressing T&E pain points of enterprises today
  • Why TripActions is launching the TripActions Enterprise Edition now
  • What the painful before picture looks like for many enterprises
  • The required T&E management capabilities of enterprise organizations
  • What finance leaders, travel managers & road warriors each want from their T&E program
  • A look into the enterprise and the measurable impact after moving to modern T&E management
  • How an end-to-end T&E program ends the compromise of legacy T&E tools to protect traveling employees and save money

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